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One week post surgery

Friday, March 04, 2016

It has been a strange week. I'm trying to adjust to what was going on.

Day One: I was in horrible pain. I had to take five treatments of pain meds. I did some good sleeping but I was in so much pain from the gas in my system.

Day Two: I was on pain pills and felt good enough to go out. I mostly felt like I'd been in a fight and was punched in the stomach too many times. My back still hurt but not as much.

In two days, I gained 5 pounds

Day 3-5. The pain wore down fast. I can't believe the change since my gallbladder was out. I am no longer bloated in my sternum. I mean I've been belching these deep air belches since 2007 and now they're gone. I still had them the first couple days and I thought nothing had changed but now its been a BIG CHANGE. For years I've been waking up in the middle of the night to belch and deal with bloat. Now. Wow! Significantly less.

Days 5-7 Whoa! I have to admit the bowel movements have been emergency situations and I hope this gets better.

I had gained 5 pounds in two days post surgery but in this last week I've lost about 5 since Monday. So my highest weight was Sunday at 261 and I'm down to 253 as of today. My pre surgery weight was 257. Its surprising how much weight I've lost since Monday and I've been eating a good bit. Although I think my friend James who is an EMT said weight loss is to be expected. Heck my whole metabolism may be adjusting.

The last few days I've felt kind of blah. I get hungry during the day but not so much in the evenings. I really can't determine anything I guess until my follow up appointments. I think I'm healing well and my digestion seems better but the lack of appetite is something I just don't know about.

I can't afford to go to the gym anytime soon but I want to sign up for a Beachbody Challenge group once I get cleared to workout. I think I want to try the 22 minute Hard Corps. Maybe I can get my husband to do it with me.
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