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1,000 Oysters

Friday, March 04, 2016

My constant search for superfoods has led me to oysters, especially raw oysters. It's known that oyster is high in zinc. But what got my attention is the rare amino acids of D-aspartic and N-methyl-D-aspartate in raw oysters. These two amino acids can boost testosterone in men and progesterone in women. Cooking destroys these aminos.

While it's rare to get sick from eating raw oysters, a handful of people died each year from eating raw Gulf (of Mexico) oysters. The bacteria Vibrio vulnificus, also known as flesh eating bacteria, is the culprit for 50% death rate for people who got infected. The death is excruciating.

But there are methods to eliminate the bacteria. One of them is High Pressure Processing which put the oysters under extreme pressure enough to kill the bacteria. In the process, the oysters are also shucked. You don't need an oyster knife, just a butter knife will do.

In addition, the bacteria count is at the lowest in the month of January when the water temperature in the Gulf is at the coldest. I only learned about this last week, so I did my best by ordering the oysters right away. I won't eat unprocessed raw oysters and even then only when they are harvested in Jan or Feb for Gulf oysters.

Here is a list of companies that process their oysters to eliminate the deadly bacteria with different methods:

I freeze the oysters so I will have enough for the whole year until next January when I will buy the next yearly batch. These oysters are from Prestige Oysters, Dickinson, TX. Enjoy the pics!

One of the two super large coolers (165 Qt) bought from Costco used in transporting the 1,000 fresh oysters.

The two 7 cu ft chest freezers also bought from Costco. Each freezer holds 500 oysters.

Oysters in layers with paper to prevent them from sticking together into a solidly frozen block (hope it works)

They rubber banded each oyster before the pressure processing to keep them from opening.

The meat is shucked by the high pressure processing, so a butter knife can be used to open the oysters.
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