Beck with the Cat

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Rosie is my adorable cat. She's almost 11 yrs. old. She is the FIRST FAT CAT I've ever had, male or female. Maybe she has a thyroid problem? Or a hormone problem?

Anyway, each time we see the Vet I remind him that "She's a little chubby but very sensitive about her weight!" lol He's stopped trying to help me put her on a diet.

Today both Rosie and I were wanting food much earlier than had been planned. I kept telling myself, yes, I really want to eat, but guess what? I won't die if I wait until the planned time. I did some deep breathing, put more ice in my water, removed myself from the vicinity of the kitchen.

Rosie was following me around and being a whiny baby begging for food. Finally, I picked her up and put her on her blankie on the sofa, sat down next to her and petted and scratched and rubbed. I held a book in one hand and rubbed her with the other. She fell asleep. So did I. Next thing we know an hour has gone by and it's PAST time to eat, lol.

Rosie gets love and attention as her distraction from cravings from now on, lol. I still haven't eaten because when I woke up I wasn't hungry. So I decided to write this blog. Now I'll go eat.

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