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Turning page 3 - March

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Been a while since I last wrote - didn't want to set myself up for a set back ya know? - too much of myself is......well TOO much lol

Consistency - since my last writing (2-10 I believe) I have continued to go to the gym now 3 days a week instead of 4 because my son is now off on Mondays - when he has to work again on Mondays I will be doing that day again as well.

Did you notice I DIDN'T use the word ONLY? I ONLY went 3 days and not 4? That word ONLY to me means NOT ENOUGH which to me means I've FAILED in some fashion - which I HAVEN'T but a lot of people will interpret that word as being NOT ENOUGH - I CHOOSE not to think that way!!

Sooooooo - it's been interesting my month of February at the gym -

1 - found out the gentleman I was biking next to was a former Boy Scout Leader that I remember seeing at the Eagle Board of Reviews I would do

2 - met a very nice lady that I talk to

3 - stopped doing the bike and began doing the treadmill instead because I never broke a sweat biking no matter how long I was on it but can break a sweat on the treadmill after 30 minutes

4 - today (march 3) added the rower into my routine

I haven't been doing the breakfast in a jar for the last couple of weeks because (for me) I feel it's more a hot weather breakfast item but I will pick it back up probably the end of the month.

I'm in a FB group that our challenge last month (February) was to weigh ourselves the first of the month and then again at the end - NO LOOKING at the scale in between. I haven't changed my eating habits - still eating which I like to call portion control (using small plates - split take out dinners over a couple of days - things like that but I still eat what I want - when I want) and so at the end of February I dug out the scale and well whadda you know...........I lost 3 pounds!

Again notice the word NOT there? 3 pounds is 3 pounds! Considering I had NO expectations (another word I don't like to use for myself because it sets me up for failure) and because I chose to not change my lifestyle other than to go to the gym I think I did pretty darn good!!! YAY ME!

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