I'm baaaaaack

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I'm back again. Lots has changed since I was last on Spark. New career, new city, new friends, and new places to eat (sigh). One more thing that has changed is my waistline....but not the way I wanted it to. Yeah, I've gained more weight along with new struggles to overcome. As I mentioned, I started a new career in November 2014 that requires a LOT of hours to be worked. I'm often exhausted on my 1 day off and full of excuses as to why going to brunch and drinking Bloody Marys is a better idea (c'mon guys, it's BRUNCH). My work friends are wonderful and most of them much younger than I am, so drinking and going out to dinner has been a frequent as well. Finally, January of this year I decided to make some changes. I've been packing lunches and eating breakfast at home, preparing healthy options and saying no to the pizza and wings often brought in by my colleagues (I work with mostly dudes). I started working out at least 3x a week with a gf as well. But, I need more support. I need more tools to keep me on track. So, I'm coming back to SP. I know this community works and I know that tracking my food and water intake is vital to my success. I'm the biggest I've ever been and so unhappy with any photos and the fact that most my closet does not fit anymore. Currently I'm out of work sick, I go back tomorrow. I had a nasty upper respiratory infection that knocked me down for a week. I'm still healing, meaning no cardio for a bit because I can hardly walk a block without needing the inhaler. But, I'll be good as new soon enough. I'm ready to be happy and healthy again. I know it's going to take time and some sacrifices, but I'm ready.
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