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The Best of Both Worlds

Saturday, February 27, 2016

I had been following the ET (Eat to Live program by Dr Joel Fuhrman.) for a couple of years now. The program was very demanding and required a lot of cooking and prep....lots of grocery expense....And I was a full fledged advocate of his philosophy. Problem was I could not follow it perfectly. And i really wasn't losing any weight after the first 15 pounds. I was stuck and in fact was gaining weight.

I needed a change. Food and food prep should NOT consume your life. And you should NOT have to deny yourself of every kind of non vegan food....I do believe that veganism is best....however I've made some allowances. I wil now have real cheese when eating out and sometimes at home, say with crackers. (and that is another thing. I found it impossible to limit starches ((including natural vegetable ones)) to one serving a day.) When I am cooking, whenever possible, I use vegan cheese. I use all whole grain foods....beans, etc..much like the Fuhrman plan...but without the straitjacket mentality. Maybe I just couldn't handle the pressure. But really! Should food and eating cause you stress? Food should be enjoyable. It should be made to share with friends and family and to enjoy together. Not something divisive and the source of arguments.

So here is my new food plan.
I will eat a small breakfast. If I'm not hungry for breakfast, I will skip it and eat lunch around 11:00...and dinner at 4:00. (I go to bed early so an earlier dinner time is good)

I will always skip one meal a day. WHICH meal it is, depends on when I get hungry. When I am home. and When I feel well enough to cook. If I skip lunch I will have an early dinner.

If I eat a big lunch then I will aim at eating around 2:00 and that will be it for the day. I do not find it hard to skip meals. I know there are a lot of people dedicated to the idea that one should NEVER skip meals but rather should eat 6 small meals a day. Dr Furhman talks about why that is a fallacy and he explains the biology of weight loss and intermittent fasting and how you ONLY will lose weight if you allow your body to get into glycolysis.. which is where hunger occurs. Hunger pains are signs that your body is detoxing. You should allow and tolerate this process and eventually you will have detoxed and are into a healthier understanding of hunger and satiation.

Anyway, When I do not consume the calories involved in a meal it gives me more leeway to eat something that is enjoyable and maybe not "diet -like" at all. I still eat vegetarian and only occasionally do I break the "Laws of Veganism" --but I do not count my servings and make sure I'm eating my "GBOMBS" every day. All in all I am much more relaxed about how and what and when I eat. And eating ---and cooking---has become more fun again.

And the amazing thing? In the few weeks that I have been doing this, I have lost 15 lbs! I'm at my lowest weight since 2011! I'm much happier. I don't dread cooking and shopping anymore and I love what I eat. It is truly the best of both worlds.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • 911BRAD
    Another good blog... Thanks, it's always interesting to know what works (and doesn't) for others. Next time I hit a plateau I'll give your system a try. Thanks so for sharing!

    Cheers, Brad
    1684 days ago
    1697 days ago
    that's what we must do---figure out what works best for us--if we want to lose weight and keep it off. good on you for persevering! emoticon
    1703 days ago
    emoticon finding what works for you emoticon thanks for
    sharing! emoticon emoticon
    1704 days ago
    Prepping and cooking should always be a pleasurable activity. Though I am an advocate eating healthy three meals a day, if I am not hungry, I will skip a meal for that reason. I Enjoy food presentation and feel it is an art to make food look beautiful and delicious! Stress doesn't belong in the kitchen.
    1706 days ago
  • _LINDA
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    We are all an experiment of one. Diets are not 'one size fits all' You have to find the combo that works for YOU. DDORN never eats breakfast, he feels a long fast is good for you because the body will go into fat burning mode. I could never skip breakfast, its my refuel after my workout and my energy for the day. Dinner can easily be skipped for a couple of reasons. Evening is my least active time. There is no need for extra fuel then. You theoretically should get a better, deeper sleep because your body won't be busy digesting that last big meal (most have their biggest meal in the evening). My biggest meal is breakfast. It just feels right. I am learning so much on my summits. I have a way to go before I can switch to a totally low carb, high fat and regular protein diet because of my stores of food containing sugar like protein powder. Sugar has to be completely eliminated before going on this plan. I look forward to it as I never had much of a sweet tooth anyway. I was a victim of the low fat craze, where sugar was added to compensate for the lack of fat.
    I am happy you finally found what works for you! Keep up the great work.
    1706 days ago
  • no profile photo CD16110307
    emoticon emoticon
    1706 days ago
    Each one of us is different. What works for one may not for another. I am giving the Fast Metabolism Diet my attention for 28 days. It's not as strict as I once believed. Maybe this will be the one for me. Meanwhile, I hope your new plan is successful.
    1706 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    1706 days ago
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