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Starting all over again....

Friday, February 26, 2016

...is gonna be tough, but we gonna make it. (As the song so beautifully says.) So, after a LONG absence, I have my new laptop and I got up early enough to use my "anytime bytes" and have a little peace and quiet. Read the last couple of blogs I wrote, and the stuff about me on my homepage, and wondered whether to edit my page, or sign up under a new name and just start over completely. I am in such a completely different place than I was a year ago. My two most recent blogs are still very much up-to-date, except that I haven't lost weight. I'm gonna have to figure out what my goals even are now.

Apart from being too big to fit into any of my pants (except those overalls, that I've worn every day for the past several months, so that they are threatening to wear out and I really will have to get something else), I am super happy and fulfilled. Having my nephew live with us, seeing him change from a depressed alcoholic to a happy, stable, sweet father and husband---well, that is amazing. Getting to know his girlfriend, having my 83-yr-old father get to marry the two of them right in my house, becoming good friends with her and teaching her stuff about money management, and child rearing---also amazing and fulfilling. Caring for, playing with, teaching my little great nephew, taking him to fun parks and play groups, and getting to visit with other nannies, grandmas, and moms---also fun, rewarding, and extremely meaningful. Being home and more available to my aging parents (who also live with us) has also been important work. My only beef with this new life is that, for various reasons, I have gotten too big for my britches. Again.

My old exercise schedule had to be thrown out, as it just logistically wouldn't work. Little Aiden can't be with me at the gym. He can only be with me at the pool at certain times, but then I can't really swim at all, just jump around a bit. I refuse to go to the pool or gym late at night, because by the end of the day I'm tired and want to spend a bit of time with my hubby. So, I'm stuck with the options of riding my stationary bike and other at-home exercises, and taking walks with the jogging stroller. These are fine options, and getting more possible now that Aiden is almost 3 and I can actually get a shower after a workout, and the weather is getting nicer for walking.

My Primal Eating Plan is also long gone. "The Kids," as we call them, love pasta, bread, cheese, etc. We do too, for that matter. And I don't even think that re-introducing these foods into our lives is the main problem. I just have to cut back on portion sizes, and STOP all the SNACKING on JUNK in between meals. So far, I haven't been motivated enough, consistently, to have any success. But, like I mentioned earlier, it's getting to the place where either I'm gonna have to shop for a whole new wardrobe in a larger size, or get serious real quick. I've got to decide what my goals actually are, and make a new game plan. However, now it is past 6:00 a.m. and I've got to hustle and get those lunches packed, 'cause at 6:40 I've got to drive my nephew to work, and then my long, busy day begins. So I'll think about those goals today and try to figure out what I am willing and able to do. Do I want to do the work again to be real slender, or be OK with being a chubby great-aunt? With yucky chubby-aunt clothes that I don't feel comfortable in? (I think I just answered my own question!)
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