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Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm going to begin Beck Day 12 tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm carrying around my soft back Beck book (Pink). I originally bought a used hardcover Beck book, but I am partial to soft back books simply because I like the feel of them in my hand and they are easier to flip through, forward and back. This is important when you have a book that is a reference book, a study guide, something you don't just read from start to finish and be done with it. And I like this book so much I bought a new soft back copy that I can carry around and keep forever. Beck and I are committed!

I put the smaller yellow sticky notes in my Beck book, which I really want to call my Beck Bible, with no disrespect to the original Bible, lol. These sticky notes go on important pages that I refer to over and over.

Trouble is, almost every page is important, lol, so I quickly ran out of room to put yellow stickies on the tops of important pages, spread out so I can access them correctly. Then I had to start putting yellow stickies on the SIDE of the pages.

I can see that before long, my Beck book will have a yellow ruffle of stickies on three sides, lol.

The one I'm referring to a lot is in Chapter 2, a small gray box titled "which muscle are you strengthening?" It talks about your Resistance muscle and your Giving-in muscle. The idea about strengthening the Resistance muscle has stayed with me since I first read it.

I believe this very thought of continuing to resist eating something I shouldn't is what CLICKED in my brain at first and kept me flexing it many times a day, until I lost FIVE pounds while working through these first chapters! That is half of what I set out to lose, and I haven't reached the chapter on "starting the diet" yet.

I'm very familiar with these five pounds, having lost them many times, lol. Now I begin to work on the next five, which have been sticking to me for dear life for several years.

In previous years, I have spent hours and hours researching food - nutrition, health benefits, etc. Item by item. Eat this food for a while, have lab work done, notice result. So I have managed to transform an unhealthy lipid panel (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglyderides) into a beautiful one, and reduce inflammation in my body a great deal. (My C-Reactive protein went from the top of the "allowed" scale to "too low to measure".)

So I know how to eat. I know what way of eating is best for ME. Basically, I avoid sugar and starch, eat more veggies than I ever imagined I could, choose healthy fats and meats. This has made me healthy. At age 67 I am drug free. No prescription drugs at all.

However, in case you didn't realize it, you can eat nothing but healthy food and still gain weight or not lose it, if you eat too much. And this has always been my issue. I eat when I'm not hungry because I desire a certain taste, a certain texture, or I smell an aroma or see a commercial full of some tasty food. OR, I begin to eat a healthy meal and can't stop after one serving. Yuck!

I was unable to put a stop to this until I began Beck. I work that resistance muscle every hour of every day and now, it's working itself almost automatically. I wasn't kidding when I said in a previous blog that "Beck is the Thinking Man's Diet".

Now that I have my tiny little brain on board and focused, I look forward to going to bed each night knowing my resistance muscle had a good workout! And I wake up each morning eager to see the scale.

Once again, I quote long time SP member and maintainer, Nell Jones: "No one ever got up in the morning wishing she'd eaten more the night before." Nell, I thank you!

Also thanks to GABY1948 who got me started on Beck! And many others who encouraged me along the way. There's still a long way to go, but this is the path for me.


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  • GABY1948
    This is the first one I did not get so will resubscribe to your blogs after I finish commenting!

    Well, first you are WELCOME. IT WORKS and it is working for you as it did for me and does....we never forget it. I tell people EVERYWHERE I go about it. I prayed it would work for you and IT IS! It truly does train our brains to think like a thin person!

    I am resubscribing to your blogs again...this happens to me and others ALL the time! I have followed your blogs for years so loving these too! emoticon for being so receptive to it and WORKING it *BECK WORKS when we WORK BECK!" emoticon AND, I am saving this one in my email as I so often do with GOOD blogs!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Oh, and I agree it IS my Bible as far as food maintenance!

    1146 days ago
    Great job, Karen! I have pink, blue, and green Beck books, but my only soft cover Beck book is the pink workbook. I had never thought about soft books being easier to study and carry around; I was stuck at thinking them cheaper and easier to destroy. But you have made a very good point!

    I also changed my lipid panel by changing my eating, but I know nothing about C-reactive protein. I'm have to read about that.

    Good job on exercising that resistance muscle!! Love your commitment to Beck. Regards,, Marsha
    1148 days ago
    I'm hoping I can get something out of the Beck system too once I can get into it more.
    1149 days ago
  • GORDON66
    Your blog is very thought provoking. I am also 67, need to lose about 45 pounds, and spend a lot of time in the gym trying to build muscle and expend calories. However, it always comes down to building muscle in the gym and losing weight in the kitchen. The former is a whole lot easier than the later, so that's where the resistance muscle is the key. This is truly an interesting concept.


    1149 days ago
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