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Why I weigh myself every morning

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What a controversy this concept can be at times for different people. Only weight weekly, or even monthly some folks decry. "Be not obsessed with the scale, focus on long trends."
I get it, I really do.

I certainly understand the scale is just one measurement tool of over all progress in the almost universal quest to become healthier and fitter, lose fat, build muscle, etc.

I've seen the scale move only 2 pounds, but have experienced a full drop in clothing size with "just" a difference of a 2 pound overall loss in the past. Believe me, I well understand the power of the tape measurer over the scale.

All that said, I do weigh myself every morning.
(after a trip to the loo & before trip to coffee maker of course)

I see my weight fluctuate on a daily basis, it's rare it's the same weight more than 2 days in a row, sometimes just 0.2 variations, after refined carb days I've seen it jump 4 pounds overnight. I go up, I go down, I go up, I go down. Being a woman, I've also seen crazy things occur near/ during my monthly cycle as well.

However, by tracking everyday, I can see all this. I know that my weight varies each day. I can see the effect of water retention when I consume bread. I can see when I drink a glass or two of wine. I can also better see my overall progress.

If I only weighed on Mondays, I would have seen this occur over the past 6 weeks:

Are you kidding me?!?
6 weeks of mindful eating and 3-4 days at the gym only resulted in 2.6 pound overall weight loss?

Now yes, I still would have noticed that my clothing was fitting better, see some changes in my physical body as well, I am actually increasing my muscle mass as well, as I can see that, but I bet my motivation to continue would have been diminished.

However, since I do weigh daily, I've also seen the mid week losses, last Saturday's entry of 177.6, or this morning of 177.8.
So that 180.8 that was Monday's weigh in, was because I had bread and wine over the weekend, that caused extra water retention, I can literally "see" that on the scale, and I saw that disappear 2 days later.

Now, of course 2.6 pounds in 6 weeks isn't horrible, it's certainly better than no weight loss or worse, going up. But the reality is that my real loss is closer to 6 pounds, which is a lot more motivating than 2.6.

When we start new things, it's really hard to stay motivated if we don't see results fast. My daily weigh tracking gives me more knowledge about how my weight flexs each day and in this case knowledge is power.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is so different for different people. Some get too discouraged if they see all the little ups.

    For me, I was stalled gaining and losing the same 4 pounds and then realized that each time I'd step on the scale and see a loss, some part of me was thinking "see, I can do this any time I want!" and then giving myself permission to eat a little too much that day. Better if I don't look and just focus on staying in my calorie range and getting some exercise.
    1288 days ago
    I weigh almost every day to keep myself on track. I feel great when it goes down and know why when it goes up. I just buckle down and get back on track the next day. I have been playing with the same 4 pounds for some time. I lost 44 pounds on Spark and have about 35 to go to get to my goal.
    1336 days ago
    I think weighing in is a personal preference, I don't obsess over the scale but weigh in most days, just to see where I am
    1336 days ago
    I weigh daily too. I like to see the fluctuations so I can determine what I should limit or avoid.
    1336 days ago
    Very Interesting! Looks like you have a good handle on what motivates you, and really, that's all that matters!! emoticon
    1336 days ago
    I daily weigh as well and have noticed similar trends. I am highest on Mondays and Lowest on Fridays generally. But I can see the difference of a carb heavy dinner or the water weight fall off 2 days later. For me, it takes some of the power out of the numbers. You learn it's going to go up, and it's going to go down. But the important thing is you'll have a nice pretty downward trend if you look at it over time, and that means progress!
    1336 days ago
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