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Intermittent Fasting: Works For Me!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It was cool to see a nod of the head from SP's dietitian Becky recently:


This is a good read if one is interested in incorporating Intermittent Fasting with one's approach to food. For what it's worth, this is how I do it:

1) I always maintain my basic approach of avoiding my trigger foods by eliminating sugar, no processed carbs, flour-based products, but include large amounts of fresh, mostly non-starchy veggies and some fresh fruit. Low quantities of meat (nearly vegetarian), protein mostly from eggs, tuna, cheese, yogurt, nuts and legumes.

2) intermittent fasting during the work week, i.e. no food between bedtime and lunchtime.

But also:

3) no calorie counting, portion-control

4) very infrequent weigh-ins, instead relying on the fit of my clothes, belt, etc.

I learned a lot from calorie tracking when I did it, however I just find the day-to-day calorie tracking approach to be too difficult to sustain over the long haul.

This has been a very workable "groove" which I have followed for the past year or so and find myself feeling like this is where I'll maintain my approach to food for the rest of my life.

Sorry so long without a blog! Life has been good, workouts have taken a bit of a hit, but starting to ramp it up. Got out with the bike club this past weekend for my first ride of the year when the temps swung up into the mid-50s...woo hoo! AMAZING weather for mid-February! Otherwise it's off to Spinning class a few times a week, elliptical, weights, etc.

Soon I will shift into jogging during April to prepare for my traditional one & only 5K of the year, the Binghamton Bridge Run. It's my way of mixing it up and checking in to see if I can catch the running "bug," which I haven't yet. Running just ain't my thing. But I figure I can set aside one month a year to be sure. Then? It's all about the BIKE! :-)

Hope everyone's doing well out among my SparkFamily!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1108 days ago
    Good to read about what different things work for different people. Well done on your maintenance - and enjoy your 5k ;)
    1132 days ago
    Thanks for posting this!
    1132 days ago
    If it works for you then...
    I wake up hungry. I'm like a baby. I need feeding every 3 hours or sometimes 4 or 5. I don't eat a lot of food each time (1200- 1500 cals a day) but when I eat it's because I am ravenous! And I mean that sincerely. Absolutely famished!
    1148 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I haven't told many people on my regular teams because IF seems like what a lot of people with eating disorders do, but with terrible results, but I have been toying with this idea. When I tried it for weight loss nearly two years ago, it set me off on a return to some unhelpful habits. But I've been reading about other benefits and they are attractive to me. I wish there was more emphasis on those! I'm starting with only one or two 16-hour fasts a week for awhile. After wishing for years that Brad Pilon's book wasn't so expensive, I bought it this month on a steep discount. It helped me take the plunge. The good result was that I feel a return to REAL hunger, even on non-fasting days. That had eluded me for awhile, and led to less satisfaction from my food and greater desire to nibble.

    Some people believe the two-meal day has been common in history. The body was MADE to go hours without food. Otherwise, we wouldn't even be here.

    And no calorie counting.

    Glad to hear that the rest of life is compelling enough NOT to need a lot of interaction on Spark. If you're keeping up without it, so much the better! It's an aspiration for me. emoticon

    1150 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/1/2016 3:37:24 PM
    I'm kind of with you about the tracking... but then since I eat pretty much a standard rotating menu, it's easy to "get it right" as long as I'm not totally off the reservation. Good luck with your token run of the year! I have three coming up in March, 10K, 5K a week later, then a 10 miler. Gonna have to find me something GREEN to wear!

    Bike on!
    1156 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Often on particularly busy days I also find it WORKS for me! We gotta do what we gotta DO! GREAT BLOG!
    1157 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Experiment of one indeed. Glad it works for you. Sparkpeople has finally started putting up some current blogs on the latest ideas, its been a long time coming. I have been finding the latest info elsewhere and only use Sparkpeople for tracking and keeping up with friends. If I gave up a meal it would easily be dinner. I need my breakfast to get through my day. Evening I don't do a lot and don't need any extra calories. I don't understand why most choose to give up breakfast. Eager to get at a no sugar, flour, soy, corn, eggs and dairy but have to find suitable replacement products to get adequate protein for a vegetarian choice. Right now Greek yogurt and cottage cheese and egg whites are the bulk of the protein. Flax, quinoa, seeds, lentils, nuts and such are great, but have too many calories to use as primary protein sources.
    Thanks for the article. Great to hear from you, still rocking your plan!
    emoticon On!
    1157 days ago
    Interesting topic.
    You have found a healthy lifestyle that's working for you.
    I don't find tracking a burden, especially with SP. I've been doing it one way or another for several years. It helps me know I am getting enough protein and other nutrients for the day, as well as not eating too much.

    I have been doing some fasting on bread and water along with prayer, on Fridays for spiritual/religious personal growth. Having only very high quality, whole grain bread with no additives, dough conditioners, unbleached and unbromated, usually with some flax and/or other seeds added. There is thousands of years of tradition of this.

    It is a strange experience to see all the food in the refrigerator and house and not be eating any of it. Also, I am often tempted to put butter or peanut butter on the bread, but tell myself I don't need it. It's a learning experience in resisting the temptation of food.
    1157 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    thanks for the link...............
    great blog!!
    1157 days ago
    It is not unusual for me to find myself in an intermittent fasting mode on the weekends, if I sleep longer. Then, it's two meals a day instead of three, meaning I've had nothing to eat since dinner the night before. Has not been an issue for me either.

    Not in a place where I feel ready to let go of the tracking though and, for me, I find it pretty easy to do. It's just become another part of my routine.
    1157 days ago
    I visited your page yesterday to see if I had somehow unsubscribed from your blogs. I ß you hadn't and figured you would write when you had something to say.
    1157 days ago
    Great blog! You've found what works for you, and that experiment of one is the most important of all. I've fasted (completely, water only) several times in my life for periods of up to a week: and learned a lot doing it. Like you, I IF also by skipping breakfast and eating nothing from dinner until lunch quite often . . . and it works for me too. There's a lot of fear of "not eating" but actually for me it's freeing.
    1157 days ago
    Thanks for that link!
    1157 days ago
    Good to hear you are keeping on keeping on! As for intermittent fasting, I think I would pass out! I tend to low blood sugar. And breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. So, while I'm sure it's a good technique for some people, it ain't for me.
    1157 days ago
    I haven't read that article yet. Thanks for the link.
    1157 days ago
    Don I read about Intermittent Fasting. It sound interesting I will check more into it.

    1157 days ago
    Glad to see a Blog. Thank you for the goodie. Kind of worrie about my SP Friends when I don't see or hear from then for a few months. How is DW doing?
    Thanks for the good Blog.

    God Bless

    1157 days ago
    1157 days ago
    I am glad to find you well.
    1157 days ago
  • no profile photo EVIE4NOW
    You seem to be doing great without tracking. Keep up the good work.
    1157 days ago
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