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Hives and the Job Search

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's been about a month since I've been laid off. I've been told by friends that my job search has been going well. I'm getting calls from recruiters. I have been applying to jobs when something suitable shows up on the job boards. I've even been applying for jobs that I don't think I have a snowballs chance in August to get. I'm trying to put myself out there in hopes of getting noticed. And I am getting noticed.

So far, I have had one job that called me in for a face to face interview last week. I haven't heard back yet. Honestly, I don't think the job was a good fit for me. If they make an offer and I took it, I could see myself looking for a new job in a year. I think I really went on the interview more for the interview practice. Someone once told me that when you go in to an interview, you're not the only person being interviewed. You're also interviewing them to see if they are good for you. The job has to be right for both of you.

Let's talk recruiters. I've had recruiters call me who say that they have a job that would be perfect for me. So, I tell them to go ahead and submit my name. The problem with working with a recruiter is that they could be submitting 5-10 resumes for that one job. You just hope that the hiring manager pulls your resume from the crowd. And well, that's what happened to me with one submission. Two weeks ago, a recruiter called and said they found my resume on monster and said it would be a perfect fit for a job that just listed with a local university. I talked with the guy for a while and said, sure let's go ahead and submit my resume. NOTE, for those of you who have never been on unemployment insurance, one of the conditions is that you have to apply for a minimum of three jobs per week. You have to be actively looking to get unemployment. Which is why I've been putting my name in for all sorts of jobs.

I figured I wouldn't hear anything because there is a ton of competition for jobs at local colleges. That's because the benefits tend to be really good. So, last week, I got a call from the recruiter asking if I was available for a phone screen. I was shocked ! ummm, let me check my schedule, why yes, I'm free ! LOL. I had a 30 minute phone screen with the man who would be my supervisor as well as his boss. The recruiter even gave me pointers. I think the interview went extremely well. I felt positive about it once it was over.

Now, here comes the hives. I'm waiting to hear if I get called in for a face to face interview. I think the job is a good fit for me. The recruiter said I was a good fit. However, self doubt makes me wonder how good were the other people they interviewed. Because I know I wasn't the only person they talked to. I'll admit it. I'm anxious and when I'm worried/anxious about something, I get the hives. The hives started two days after the phone screen.

It's funny. I was just talking to another spark buddy who also mentioned they too were dealing with a bout of stress related hives. I have had these in past. I got them when I was studying for my personal training certification. I got them when I was studying for my IT certs too. And now I've got them because I'm worried about whether or not I may or may not get this job. My feet and ankles are swollen and covered in red itchy spots. I've been slathering myself with thick cream. That's helped. But ultimately, the only thing that will get rid of them is either getting the job or not getting it.

Being laid off is a terrible blow to a person's self confidence. We all know its a business decision, but we all also feel discarded and useless. Well, I want to feel useful again. My friends have said that my job search is going well. They say, how would I feel if I've received no phone calls or emails ? This is true. That's how it was the last time I was laid off. It took months before I found work. But that's what's stressing me out now, the waiting and the wondering.

So, for now, I guess I have to be patient and take an anti-histamine.

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  • FAITHP44
    I'm a bit behind the times reading this blog - but I gather you've still not heard anything. Frustrating.

    I used to get big red itchy blotches for no apparent reason. The doctor called it urticaria - I don't know whether it's the same thing. He told me to keep antihistamines in the house on standby for if ever it happened again. I haven't had it for years now and can't remember which specific anthistamine he prescribed. (Oh, I just checked on line, and it seems that it is the same thing and any antihistamine should work - cetirizine, loratidine or a few others they named.)
    1108 days ago
    1112 days ago
    sorry you are again playing the waiting game . its so stressful . hope the hives are fading . praying you get the call and its A GOOD FIT .
    1118 days ago
    Well, according to your status, you've got an interview, so I hope these stress hives go away soon! Keep on keeping on. You'll land something that's absolutely perfect for you!
    1124 days ago
  • no profile photo ALLTHECUPCAKES
    Good luck and hang in there!
    1125 days ago
    It does sound like your job search is going well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer for you to get the interview for the college job. It is so hard to wait to hear from someone. Keep us posted and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. :)
    1125 days ago
    I get hives when I get really anxious. Sometimes they appear on my neck where everyone can see. When I feel hot and flushed and folks look at me all wide-eyed, then I know they are there. LOL. No fun at all. Good luck in the job search!!
    1125 days ago
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