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Jawbone UP Move vs. Spark Activity Tracker

Friday, February 19, 2016

For any of you who are considering buying a tracker, here's a little feedback on the Jawbone UP Move vs. the Spark Activity Tracker (no longer available on Spark, but still a few on Amazon & perhaps other online retailers--or if you're considering a replacement for your SpAT)

Some Sparkfriends know I lost my Spark Activity Tracker, and now it's found. I'd replaced it with a Jawbone UP Move and was dismayed at how much sitting around I apparently had been doing. Not really emoticon . I was living my normal days and was shocked at the few steps the Jawbone had tracked. Even on an active day it was only showing 3500!

Now that the SpAT has been found, I am wearing both today. And just in the first few hours of being awake today, there's already a discrepancy to the tune of over 3x! I mean for every 130 steps on the UP, the SpAT has 400.

When I first got my SpAT I was shocked at how low _those_ numbers were compared to the Bodybugg I'd used before. But now UP Move is even lower!

What's up with this? Well, I don't know. I don't know how big the UP thinks my stride is, but 3x?!

Also I'm wearing the UP on my ankle and the SpAT on my foot. So I'll finish today's experiment with that combo and then switch them tomorrow. SpAT on my ankle, and UP on my foot.

Isn't it funny how different trackers can be when they purport to work the same way? I'm just glad that whichever one I decide to wear in the end, my body gives me credit for the work I do - the numbers only matter when compared to themselves. An UP day can only compare to an UP day, and a SpAT day to a SpAT day.

However, I don't plan to continue to wear 2 trackers, so I'm trying to decide which one fits my lifestyle better, and then I'll adjust my step goals to whichever one I choose.

The funny thing is, I don't know if the 3x rule is right all day. If so, the days I got 3500 steps in with the UP Move, means I got over 10K (SpAT equivalent) steps those days, which would be about right for me, maybe even a little I'm not sure what to think.

Interesting to look at tho.

Edit: I also forgot to mention that the UP Move isn't waterproof, so I can't wear it on my shoe during a water workout, and on my elliptical workouts, it counts ZERO steps. :(
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    I even found my 2 spark trackers (lost one then found it after I had replaced it) were different. I tried COUNTING steps and I have never found a tracker match reality. So.. is that disappointing? Not really. I do get dismayed when I do a long walk and SP says I have not done anything longer than 10 minutes because I had to stop and crawl over a fallen tree and then step SLOWLY down a steep bit and then stopped to take a picture... you get the idea. I know I walked an hour but SP did not read it. Yet I got in my steps that day.

    Challenge accepted for the cloud bread. I have NOt heard of it before but I will check it out. I never do no carb... the Paleo is no grains or white potatoes... not the same. There are lots of carbs in fruit, sweet potatoes, and maple syrup. But I would say the past month I have been eating every food on the planet. Today though a blog reminded me that I can be held accountable for what I eat. Hmmmm. I think I may do that.

    DD had her MRI. It was awful for her but better than she expected. She endured. I tried to explain that noise is one of the most painful things for her but I know the techs did not get it. A lot of the things we planned to do during they would not allow. I could not bring any of the textured material in the room and this machine would not allow any music. They were not even going to let me come in the room with her but I said someone would have to have physical contact with her at all times and monitor her for seizures and they decided it could be me. The last 2 "Pictures" she was at tolerance and was moving (shaking) and afterwards I wrapped her in a soft fuzzy blanket and we went for spicy food. She could not talk or make eye contact or negotiate the change room so we were stuffed in there together while I got her out of her gown. I had to be gowned too so I was pretty worried she would have a seizure while I was changing... but no. Lots of signs but she managed. She is having a seizure now but it seems unrelated. I have no idea why spicy food helps... I get the fuzzy blanket. She had headphones programmed with her music to wear before and after. Anyways, it is done and we should get the results in a few days. I am praying for something.. and praying for nothing to be on the films. What to wish for? Hopefully the last pictures will not be the ones that "matter" because I am sure they will be fuzzy. Yet she endured. I am proud of her. So proud I did not hug her. I could only touch her feet because she was in the machine and they would not let me touch her skin... so it was through her socks. Sigh. Done. Hopeful that this is enough information to make some kind of decision for a treatment plan. Snow/ice storm here. I am going to work on a blog ... guests are out. DD middlest just got a fantastic haircut. I'm quite envious.
    1935 days ago
    You're right of course. Each can be compared with itself and you can set your goals accordingly. But I know I would prefer to wear the one which most accurately measures what I have actually done!! Good luck choosing!
    1939 days ago
    Hmmm, very interesting. I use my iPhone which has an app called Health. The only problem is I don't usually carry my phone with me when I'm at home. For work it's perfect because I keep it in my pocket. I keep saying I need to find something that I would wear all day.

    I'm staying tuned in for your decision and what you find out on the mystery of the comparison discrepancy!

    1940 days ago
    I've always trusted my SpAT to "tell the truth".

    When I go for an outdoor walk in my local neighborhood, it measures the distance pretty accurately so I presume the steps are also accurate. It's also always measured activity time properly, too. Well, except for Tai Chi! It doesn't even record movement which makes perfect sense when you understand how Tai Chi works!

    Let us know your final choice.
    1940 days ago
    Thanks for sharing!
    1940 days ago
    Thanks for sharing!
    1940 days ago
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