I'm Back- sooner than expected! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Let me recap:
Jan.14th - Had Oral surgery to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth.
All went fine. It was a quick surgery, I was home in less than 2 hours.
Start Pain-Killers. Life is good!
Jan. 16th - Starting to feel better, but look like this:
Notice the resemblance?

After a couple more days... of 24/7 icing my cheeks:

I started feeling even more like myself again! But looked like Rocky or like I had just eaten a mustard sandwich!
Bruises for days! LOL

But at least I can smile today!!! HUGE improvement!

Finally, I was reading up on recovery from surgery, and they said to start walking to improve circulation and healing as soon as you are able... Well, on the 5th day, I went (as a participant) to a Zumba class! And on the 6th day another one and day 7 ONE more! emoticon
Me with Enoc, a good friend and excellent Zumba instructor who teaches 2 blocks from my house!

I had taken a 2 week leave to recover from this surgery (on the suggestion of my oral surgeon, he actually thought I might need 4 weeks!!!) HA!
I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon on day 10 after the surgery... he took one look in my mouth and said "You look like the mouth of someone who's been healing 1 month already!"
#WINNING #DancingHeals
emoticon I couldn't have felt more proud then that moment!!!

Somehow the dentist managed to avoid the mandibular nerve, so there was no nerve damage to speak of... and the upper wisdom teeth did NOT rupture through the bone so there was no nasal closures to worry about!
#Winning on so many levels!!! emoticon

I even managed to book a nail appointment with my sister and got these little Valentine's gems put on:
Feeling Pretty!!!

Since then, I have been flushing my tooth sockets out twice a day (it's amazing how much food collects there now!) and am almost able to eat like before the surgery... I say almost, because I still can't eat my normal spinach salad! So, I'm still eating a bit off schedule, but no more pain! YAY!

During this time, Joe and I had decided to do our official wedding ceremony (for Canada) on Valentine's day!

Photo from Thailand
Photo from Thailand

Best Cake EVER!
Glitter and Love! Perfect combo!
This is what I held when walking to the altar!
(I opted for a video of the event over pictures, so no photos to share!)
It was a perfect way to seal our love! Exactly one year after he proposed to me (at the end of my Zumba class!) we seal the deal!

Such a great memory, I will cherish forever!!!
So happy, in Asia!
Graffiti wall wedding
My Dress
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