My husband AND children can pick me up!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I have always been on the heavy side even when I lost weight so I've never been one who could be easily picked up.... by anyone! However, I've also never been this light in my adult life. I weighed in at 158.1 this morning which makes me the smallest person in my family. Both of my teenagers are taller and heavier than me now. They are finding it as entertaining as I do that they can pick Mom up! My 15 year old son tried for the first time yesterday and over judged the amount of force he would need almost throwing me over his shoulder! LOL! Thank goodness they're good kids or I'd have a real problem now!

A lot of things are changing for me right now and I'm proud of myself that my healthier lifestyle is now such a part of my life that the changes aren't causing me to binge eat or quit exercising. I've found that exercise drastically decreases stress better than any food ever did.

After the past year of watching and waiting for another round of lay offs, I resigned my job at the health department a few weeks ago and my last day was this past Friday. I took a week off before I start my new job in a non-profit agency where I will work 10 hour days 4 days per week and have a 3 day weekend EVERY week!!! The benefits are good, the salary is much better than what the health department was paying (or probably ever would even if I stayed until retirement), and it's in a field of nursing that I can be passionate about. I'm nervous but more excited than anything.

This has been a year full of change but I feel strong and ready for the challenges!
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