Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I've taken more than 7 days on Beck, Week 1 because it's really resonating with me and I'm enjoying it. This books has magic fingers that sneak into my brain, give it a massage, exercise it's muscles, and wakes it up.

There has been no step or rule or item that I didn't already know, but it just brings my deeply hidden and overlooked knowledge to the forefront. Awareness. I keep overusing that word in relation to Beck, but it's definitely not a noun anymore. It's an active verb!

Week 2 is Get Set: Prepare to Diet, and promises that I'll be more prepared than ever before to embark on a diet. I believe it.

Day 8 is Create Time and Energy. I see it involves lists. Taking time to plan meals, make lists, shop accordingly and cook. I'm already a list maker. There is a notebook on my computer desk where I make a list for "tomorrow" every single day and mark off items as I go.

I carry a 3 x 5 card with me when I go shopping. I use those brightly colored neon colored ones so it never gets lost in my purse. I keep it on the bar in my kitchen and add to the list constantly.

I've already found that concentrating on this list while shopping does keep me from wandering down the ice cream aisle and other places that can get along just fine without Me.

Beck's lists are more comprehensive, though. There's a list of your entire day and when you do everything you do. Who wants to do that? However, I'm finding it's a bit like using Quicken Books to keep all your checkbook entries. Not only do you know how much money you are spending, it sorts it all out so that you know WHERE you are spending it. That was an eyeopener for me when I first used it. Money spent on eating out! Money spent on buying art supplies! All sorts of enlightening and frightening information, lol.

So I expect Day 8 may take a few days to really immerse myself in a new way of becoming AWARE (there's that word again) of how I spend my time and how much I need to spend on my healthy way of eating and becoming a bit slimmer.


PS. I spent some time last night resenting this daily blog thing. I wrote a SP to someone who has been encouraging me to blog through the book, telling me how much it would help. I just didn't think I could "blog on demand", lol, because I can't paint on demand, no matter how much I enjoy painting. But somehow I woke up this morning and it just all came out and I actually enjoyed it and benefited from it. Who knew? lol. Could this anti-blog thing have been a Sabotaging Thought? Hmmmmm.
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    Happy to hear the daily blogging is supporting your Beck experience.

    Interesting question regarding the anti-blogging sentiment being a possible sabotaging thought!
    1133 days ago
  • GORDON66
    You go girl!!!



    1133 days ago
  • GABY1948
    GREAT BLOG...I am SO glad you are "ready" that is EXACTLY why it worked for me! Try to remember what they coined it when I was doing Beck, "Beck WORKS when we WORK Beck!"

    You do everything amazing always have and this is NO different! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1133 days ago
    I'm glad this is working for you because I spent money on a Beck book and hate to waste money. LOL. Maybe there is hope for me too but I tend to be skeptical. I haven't tried the Beck book yet. I did go through part of the plan with a friend a couple of times to help her and she would blog about it daily and let me know what to do next but she always quit before she was done. I'm not sure why she always quits. To be honest, the Beck plan didn't help me that much when I did it with her. Most of it is, as you said, nothing new for me. I have the ability to do most of this stuff if I choose to and it's apparent I don't for whatever reason. Stubborn? Not really committed? For one thing, I am fairly much against daily blogging for me. If the plan wants me to blog every day I'm going to balk. In the past, I used to blog every day and, at the time, I enjoyed it but it became like another job. The well ran dry. I think people often confuse blogs and journals. Journals seem to me to be something that you write for yourself. A blog is something you share with others. If I write in my journal - I got up at 6:20 and started breakfast, downloaded updates, used the bathroom, took a bath, dressed, combed my hair, brushed my teeth, swept the floor, etc. It lets me know how I spent my day and how it might be better spent. It's not anything interesting or unique though and I don't think that people who read my blogs want a blow by blow description of my boring days which this pretty much sums up. To me blogs need to be interesting, amusing, and relevant. My life is not really that most of the time and I found that I was leaning toward journaling in my blogs. Not good. So I can't see me going back to that again. I really wish I could be like you and find some interesting aha moment to blog about but I doubt it. I'm not going to be pessimistic about it as I would love for this book to work for me but I don't think it's going to be like reading Wheat Belly or something life changing. The Quicken Books sounds like something I really need to get into though. LOL. Maybe I will learn something from your effort in both areas! LOL.
    1133 days ago
    Good work! keep it up!

    1133 days ago
    Well done on the ST insight!
    I did find all those detailed lists cumbersome. And it surely does take time to think about what you need and work it all out. But it gets faster, and some of that time, you spend anyway on deciding what to eat, making your shopping list, etc.
    Azulpapel did some great blogs on busting STs using Beck techniques, you might want to check out her blogs as you go along.
    So glad you had this breakthrough, let it be the first of many as you go along with Beck.
    1133 days ago
    Great blog!! I find daily blogging really helps and blogging a new book and ideas (or ideas organized in a new way) are truly reinforcing.

    So glad to see you are sticking with it. I love Beck and even with all the struggles I've had with eating the past 4 months I would have gained 40 pounds if it hadn't been for Beck. Not kidding!

    Keep up the great work!! Regards, Marsha
    1133 days ago
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