Saturday, February 13, 2016

Arrange Your Environment

The idea here is to remove all junk foods and personal temptations from your home. Also, to rearrange your dishes so you can eat out of smaller ones to help with portion control.

I actually don't have to do much here, since I figured this out some time ago. I don't buy ice cream or any other sweets, or frozen pizzas, etc. etc. I just fill up my kitchen with real food that I have to cook if I can't eat it raw.

About a month ago, before I found Beck, I bought some small size square plates. I wanted smaller dishes to eat out of and had never had square ones, so I thought the novelty of that would keep me interested in eating out of them. And they hold less food that the dinner plates I've been using.

I'm continuing to work on all the prior days, reading my cards, etc. Some of what Beck teaches isn't new to me, but going day by day is refocusing my awareness, keeping me aware and reaffirming my mindset.

Staying aware is the most difficult thing we humans try to do. If we are even aware we need to do it. Our minds always drift off to what happened yesterday or worry about what is coming tomorrow, so we go through the present fairly blind.

It takes a lot of effort and thought to stay aware of the moment. How often I've come home from work and found myself in my driveway when I intended to stop somewhere on the way home! How often I've put food in my mouth when I never intended to eat it on that day.

Focus is important. And for me, it's much easier to focus when I'm shopping and NOT buy tempting foods, NOT bring them home. I've been working on that for so long, I manage it pretty well most of the time.

I just had a lipid panel done and my blood work is all good, but I know that once in your 60's you also have to stay in touch with that, because it takes more work to maintain it, especially once you let it go. And it depends so much on what you eat.

My advice for arranging your environment is it you know it's dangerous for you, Don't Buy It. If you need a special treat eat one serving while you're out.

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    You know, there is not a lot of new dietary advice in Beck, it is all just good sense. What is new is the way it is all put together in a sequence and the consistent application of CBT techniques and thinking, and they are so very powerful.
    I really like the Beck days that I have got under control, I can see then that one day I will not have a whole lot to do because all those helpful behaviors will be incorporated!
    Then I will feel like this:
    1192 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Yep, we have NOTHING in the house that is tempting...though John hs far different things than I do to tempt him. I have been on this so long that honestly, I have the kind of brainnow that nothing has tempted me anymore! I pray it remains!

    You are doing emoticon emoticon
    1193 days ago
    DH and I do that very thing. Things that tempt either of us simply are not purchased and do not make it into the house. it works for us.
    1193 days ago
  • GORDON66
    Avoiding the cookie aisle in the store is a priority.


    1193 days ago
    I believe in the same philosophy. If it's around, I'm tempted.
    1193 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    Thanks for sharing
    1194 days ago
    Good advice!
    1194 days ago
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