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Thursday, February 11, 2016

I came in like the Koooooool-Aid Maaaaaaan... smashing through brick walls becaaaaaaause I caaaaaaaan...

Please excuse the inch or so of dust that has accumulated atop my SparkPeople account... I've reverted into the shadows like a lurky creeper over the holidays but now I'm back like a bad penny. :D

What's happened since I last dropped words? I got my car issues taken care of. Turns out my car was part of a recall; some sort of harness that had to be replaced. Ended up with yet another loaner, another TARDIS blue 200, but a year newer. Freaked me out to drive a car that had UNDER a thousand miles on it. Didn't even want to breathe in the interior. *snort* Anyway, got my car back and it's been purring like a beast ever since. I've really grown to love the remote start feature, especially when the sun isn't even up and we've had snowfall all night. And the seat heater? My butt has never been toastier. I never want to leave the drivers' seat.

Right after Christmas I broke two molars. I ate all kinds of foods during Christmas eve and Christmas day, but it wasn't until the day after as I was eating eggs... EGGS! And a molar just capsized. The next day I broke another molar on the opposite side on a chewy pizza crust. This meant I had to suck it up and see a dentist after over a decade of carefully avoiding them. Thankfully I have a friend who has some seriously good connections in her community, and her landlord directed me to his buddy's place and... well, it was horrible, but I deserved the torture. *lol* The receptionist is a doll, the hygienist is a sweetheart, and the doctor is cool like the underside of your pillow. I've got to get a root canal, a crown, two new fillings, two replacement fillings, and at some point suck up the nerve to get in touch with an oral surgeon to see about my impacted wisdom teeth. Joy. Anyway, the bite-wings made me almost barf, the scaling made my spine curl into the base of my skull, and the gum measurement thing made me want to tell Tracy the Hygienist exactly where I'd hid the bodies. *cringe* The tooth polish tasted like peppermint bark so I had that going for me which is nice.

The boyfriend and I went to Arkansas to see his mom for her birthday. We only told two people about our arrival, and the double-takes of the ones not in the loop was well worth it. I love his family, and they love me, but... holy cow. SO MUCH NOISE. See, I'm that introvert that hangs out with the host's dog during parties, the one who is actually really super glad when plans get cancelled... and his family is full of dominant personalities that are really loud and boisterous and lively and... we both needed time to recover after our vacation. His sisters have 7 kids between them, between 12 and 2, and the baby is going through a naked phase. It was an interesting vacation.

Work is the same hot mess as it always is. While I was gone they fell behind in some projects, missed some deadlines, and the boss slipped and fell while taking out trash and concussed herself. We also got new guidelines and audit changes that really screwed me over due to my position change last year, and we had to leap through flaming hoops to make things right again.

I never thought I could find anyone who could loathe my job more than me but my boyfriend has me beat. "It's time for me to pull my head out of my ass, get that management position, start making six figures so you can finally QUIT." Aww, that's love. :) It'd be nice to get away and start focusing on using my Wicked Art Skillz to earn my pin money instead of submitting myself to Endless Customer Abuse(tm) to pay the car note.

Today I finally got around to chopping my hair. I've been putting off a good trim for... uh... hell, last year? I'm a cosplayer, a ren fest enthusiast, and having wicked-long hair means going natural and not relying on wigs... but it was almost to the middle of my butt and getting really crunchy and awful, so I finally "nutted up" as it were and lopped about 8" of crunchy split-endy deadness off the ends. It's still at the small of my back, but it's shiny and sleek and healthy now. :)

As for the whole health-n-wellness side of things... y'know, the ENTIRE REASON I'm on this site... holidays are over and I have zero excuses. ZERO. Not a one.

I would really love to know why the eff my SPAT is acting like a tool. Before Christmas I was logging mad steps. Crossing the 6000 mark easily. Then... something went wahooney. It stopped working. My battery level wasn't dead, it wasn't cracked, it wasn't broken in any way... I changed out the battery just in case... and now it's only logging half steps even though my activity level hasn't changed. It's really obnoxious. I'm not sure if it was lying to me before or lying to me now... and now SparkPeople doesn't even offer the SPAT anymore, so if this one breaks I'm pretty much SOL unless I want a FitBit, and I really don't trust that thing. After reading a tweet about a guy reaching 10,000 steps applauding at a comedy show I'm seriously side-eyeing Fitbits right now. If it's a step counter, why is it not worn closer to the feet? I ask you. My boss got super excited about reaching her daily goal... until I reminded her that she waves her arms when she talks. Whoopsie.

So far I've been avoiding soda. Trying to opt for tea when I'm out, trying to chug water like a pro... totally forgot that when you stop chugging and then restart at a later date it throws your bladder off whack and you have to spend a couple weeks getting everything adjusted and NOT running to the loo every 5 minutes.

I haven't weighed myself in a month. Kinda sorta don't wanna.

I worked on my weight loss binder, updating it and adding a water tracker page, and updating my goals. I put it by my bedside with the intent of logging stuff before bed... and promptly forgot it. Once I'm stripped down and my teeth are brushed I'm between the sheets and out like a light most nights. Maybe I should put it on my pillow every morning...

The Boyfriend and I were discussing getting back to a walking routine... and then it snowed like hell for three days straight. (seriously, nature? I mean, I know it's winter in Michigan, but damn you got bad timing, gurl!) We had a good thing going the first spring he was here, before he found a job, but after that our schedules never meshed and we let it go by the wayside. He keeps talking about early mornings before work, and I keep agreeing. ugh. We can talk a big game but we have yet to walk it. Heh, walk. *snort*

I wish it were spring already; that way I could go pester Emily to go on regular walkies dates AFTER work.

Remind me to start window shopping for a new bike. It's really time to retire the Butterscotch Monstrosity.

Alright, enough word vomit out of me. Off to bed I am, for the night is dark and full of weird dreams, and the morning comes too quickly.
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    Loved your blog! You are a great storyteller!
    1147 days ago
    I get my teeth cleaned every 4 months, I hate it but do it because I don't want problems.$$$$$. No more procrastinating, when you say you are going to do something, show up and do it! Best wishes for a great smile!
    1163 days ago
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