The Colors Of Love

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentines are usually printed with lots of red, pink, and white. Are these the colors of love? Check out these facts!

Cupid's arrows aren't pink or red ...They're invisible!

Red ... the color of blood Is the color of devotion and loyalty.

White is the color of purity ... But in some Eastern countries, It is the color used for mourning the dead.

Pink was usually considered a color for boys before the 1920's!

In Asia and the Middle East ... Red and orange are joyful, festival colors.

Blue is considered a color Of trust and reliability ... like in "true blue." Maybe that's why policemen and baseball umpire often wear blue uniforms!

Purple was long considered a royal color.That's because purple dyes were very hard to make and only the rich could afford clothing that was dyed purple.

Green is a color of hope ... Since the returning of green plants in the springtime shows the world the coming to life after winter.
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