Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Find A Diet Coach

The notion here is few people struggling with weight loss can be successful without someone to talk with about the process as they go through it. This is the same concept used by Weight Watchers, TOPS, etc.

I also know that success online really depends on interaction with others in the same boat. The more you discuss everything with others the more success you have and the longer you stick with it.

In the past I've learned that humor and fun go a long way towards achieving this relationship. It keeps you going back each day to report, consult, maybe whine a little, lol.

I have some online friends who have helped me and continue to do so, but for this purpose I have a 3-D friend who lives near me to keep me motivated and on track.

I've been reading my ARC cards several times a day and find I'm already more aware of how I feel BEFORE I eat, which is helping me control portions.

As an extra aid, I dug out my watercolors today and have been painting for hours. I never have food in my art room and I cannot hold a paintbrush and eat, anyway. A healthy distraction from food!

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