Goals and Rewards

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Sparker DarkOrange (Hi!) made a list of goal weights and rewards, and it's inspired me to do the same.

210/"Getting started" reward - Crocodylus fern! It's gorgeous and the leaves are so interesting. I decided since I've lost a few pounds and feel like I'm doing things to get back on track (including getting a new notebook so I can start writing down what I eat and starting to cook again), I deserve to treat myself a little. Plus, when I see it, I'll remember my promise to myself that I'll start treating myself better than I have been.

205 -

200 -

195 - Under 200!! This calls for an orchid. . .

190 -

185 -

180 -

175 - Another orchid!

170 -

165 -

160 -

155 -

150 - Okay, one more orchid!

I'm not sure what the rewards will be for the goal weights between the bigger milestones, but I'll figure it out. Something smaller. We'll see.
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