Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Eat Slowly And Mindfully

The object of this lesson is to truly focus on your food. Notice every bite you put in your mouth. I do this when I notice the aroma and the temperature of the food. Then think about the taste. Feel the texture. Notice how much I need to chew. Be aware of how it feels to swallow. And what does it feel like as it goes into my body and begins its journey to digestion?

While learning to be and stay aware of my eating, I put my fork or food (if I'm eating a sandwich) down between every bite. And I don't take the next bite until I'm completely done with the first bite.

Eating slowly helps me to really taste and appreciate the food which in turn helps me feel more satisfied.

Mindfulness in all things is a philosophy unto itself and is encompassed in many spiritual practices. Stopping to smell the roses works just as well with beans and leafy greens. You appreciate them more and remember the experience with satisfaction.

Eating slowly also gives your brain the 20 minutes or so it needs to receive the message that your belly is full!

It is always a struggle to stay in the moment in any part of our life. We are always reaching towards the next minute or dwelling on the last one and we miss the privilege of being here and now, really knowing what is going on.

I find this really works for me.


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