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Monday, February 08, 2016

Tomorrow, it will be two weeks since my knee replacement surgery. It was just over year ago that I had the last surgery to fix my fractured knee. It has been quite a year, and this has actually been a really good two weeks.

I was not sure about how this surgery would go, only that I knew I had to have it, because I didn't want to live with as much pain as I had every day. I knew I had been successful in taking off the weight that had been making my knees scream. I knew that I would be motivated to get moving, and to get going after surgery, but you never know the degree of pain, or the amount of motivation needed to get going again.

I have been unable to raise my leg, which is typical after this surgery, because the knee is so swollen. The bad part about that, is that you have to continue to wear an "immobilizer", an awful contraption with many velcro straps that covers you from ankle to thigh, and keeps your knee from moving. The rule is that you can stop wearing the immobilizer as soon as you can raise your leg (lying on the bed, picking up the leg, like in a leg raise). I have been trying very hard to get that leg to raise, and no matter how much motivation I had, I couldn't raise it at all.

Yesterday, the Physical Therapist put some electronic pulses on my hamstrings and quads, and had me tighten them along with the electrical pulses. I was able to do that, but afterward, it was very painful. Maybe too much work for one day! The good news is that I was unable to sleep, so I worked on my leg raises. I worked on them in my head, to try and convince my brain to move my dang leg. This morning, when I woke up, I tried once again, and raised my leg. Better surprise than anything I can think of. I tried again all morning, and I was able to get the leg up, and actually hold it for a few seconds. When the physical therapist came in today, I said, sit down for a second. He did, and I lay back on the bed, and raised my leg. He started clapping. Nice when a physical therapist isn't only kind, but is rooting for your success. He said, let's get rid of that immobilizer. I said, REALLY? Yes, really, he said. I asked him if we could go onto the roof and throw it off, and we both laughed. He and I took it to the medical recycling, and then went and I rode the knee bike for fifteen minutes.

I WILL improve my knee so much, that it doesn't really hurt anymore. I am committed to continuing exercise, and because I know I will be doing this, I know I will be successful.

I am going home on Wednesday morning, without the immobilizer, and with a commitment, made by me, for me.

Just like anything in life, if you want something badly enough, and you decide, commit yourself, you will succeed.

I wish you all a very successful day today.

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