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Tuesday, 2/2/16

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

And naturally there have been plenty of those random memories today as we cleaned out my dad's room at the assisted living residence where he has lived for most of six years.

I started the day at the Nutritionist's and she could tell just from my labs and my tired appearance that something was up. Everything was totally off and the scale was up. Stress is not kind where the scale is concerned. Today I made decent choices, but not perfect ones so I need to get my head back in the game and make the health journey a priority....again. Life has definitely thrown things out of balance lately.

I stopped on the way home and enjoyed breakfast at Subway as I wanted to have a healthy breakfast before working at dad's. I enjoyed the quiet time to myself.

Took us a couple of hours at dad's to get everything sorted for either our house, thrift store or trash. Our first load out was all the medical equipment (bed, wheelchair and two walkers) and we donated those to Hands of Hope as they loan/rent that type of equipment to people and also ship all sorts of medical supplies around the world. It is a great mission. We loaded up the thrift store stuff next and dropped it off on our way to lunch. Once we got back it was just load up the rest and head home. Nice having this task done as it means we are pretty much finished other than picking up the death certificate and the remains. Dad didn't want a service so we are honoring that request. He didn't have any assets other than a bank account so not too difficult to close things up. Pre-planning for the mortuary was very helpful too. I do want to get a plant/flowers for the assisted living residence and for the hospice from our family to say thank you. They were all so wonderful to dad and to our family.

One fun project that happened was undoing a "stand" that dad had to hold his karaoke machine. He enjoyed using materials of all sorts and duct tape to create things (we just laugh) and this was his biggest project.

The kids starting to rip into the box.

Maegann taking dad's hammer to it!

We finally hauled it home as we needed a utility knife to get the final layers done.

And naturally it was empty! We wanted to know what the first item was though that he covered and it was the small table he had used in his independent apartment next to his chair. We had already removed about 4-5 layers of cardboard and there were still this many to go when we finally broke into it!

Will make for a fun memory for everyone.

This afternoon Maegann and I went to Best Buy and picked up a couple cheap karaoke microphones so she and Isaac could have fun with the machine. That was the first thing they both wanted of grandpa's. After that we went to Kay Jewelers and had our jewelry checked for the warranty. We learned the next customer appreciation weekend begins on Thursday and she showed us the items. We'll be going back that evening while the boys are at basketball.

Isaac is off with Destinie tonight so we're watching Andy Griffith and just hanging out. I think we plan to watch Biggest Loser once he's home.

Tomorrow we have the morning to do some schoolwork and then Maegann is going to the teen activity at JumpTime from 1-3. Isaac wants to do something with me while she is there, but I don't know what we would do for 2- 2 1/2 hours! The drive from our house is about 30 minutes so really not worth coming home once we drop her off. I would like to attend an informational class in the evening on the state offerings for children with disabilities. I think it would be good information as I work with families who have kids in public school. I'm not very familiar with what is offered there.
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