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Post-op diet, stage 3b

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

After three weeks post-op, I was excited to start stage 3b. That's when more textures were introduced.

Here's what my instructions were:

Protein - 8 SERVINGS (1 serving = 7 grams of protein)
- 1 oz chicken/turkey (dark meat is fine)
- 1 oz 93% lean ground chicken/turkey (dark meat is fine)
- 1 oz fish (tuna, cod, haddock, salmon, tilapia)
- 3 oz fat-free Greek yogurt (without fruit chunks)
- 1 egg or 2 egg whites or ΒΌ cup egg beaters
- 1 oz deli meat (low sodium chicken, turkey, or ham)
- 1/4 cup low-fat cottage cheese or part-skim ricotta cheese
- 1/2 cup tofu
- 1/2 soy-based veggie burger
- 1/2 cup beans (counts as 1 protein + 1 starch)
Vegetables - 1 SERVING
- 1/2 cup smooth tomato sauce (no sugar added)
- 1/2 cup steamed zucchini (peeled)
- 1/2 cup steamed carrots
- 1/2 cup mashed cauliflower
Fruits - 1 SERVING
- 1/2 cup applesauce (unsweetened)
- 1/2 cup canned pears or peaches (no syrup)
- 1/2 soft banana
Dairy - 1 SERVING
- 8 oz fat-free or light yogurt (without fruit chunks)
- 8 oz skim or 1% milk, or soy milk
- 1 oz 50% reduced-fat cheese or soy cheese
- 1 light string cheese
- 1 teaspoon butter, margarine, oil, or mayonnaise
- 1 tablespoon light margarine, light salad dressing, etc.
- 2 tablespoons hummus
- 1 tablespoon avocado or guacamole
Starch - 1 SERVING
- 1/2 cup mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes
- 1/2 cup pureed butternut squash
- 1/2 cup cooked oatmeal, cream of wheat, or farina
- 1/2 cup beans (counts as 1 protein + 1 starch)
- 1/2 cup sugar-free/fat-free pudding

My first stage 3b meal was a scrambled egg. It was heaven!

Until it landed in my tiny stomach. What went down as light and fluffy landed like lead. It was alarming. Had I eaten to fast? Too much? Maybe I didn't chew well enough? Well, the sensation only lasted a few minutes, but it was a great reminder to eat slowly.

The chewing rules are to take dime sized bites and chew at least 22 times until food is pureed. A meal is supposed to be stretched out for 30 minutes, and also not to exceed 30 minutes.

I really struggled to slow my eating.

I continued to have a protein shake at breakfast to be sure I get in enough protein.

Also, water was difficult. I used to be able to chug down my three quarts. Post op, I couldn't chug, and I was supposed to wait 30 min after eating before drinking.

The reasons for waiting are to not over-fill the stomach with liquids while trying to get in nutrients, and also not to wash out food so fast that you don't feel full. This is a life-long restriction, I believe.

So, about chugging... I've done it a few times! I was on my third large swallow when I realized what I'd done, I froze with my mouth full of water. I could feel my stomach fill up, but there was no pain. I slowly swallowed. Yep, felt bloated. But it passed in less than a minute. I need to work on sipping! Sip, sip, sip!

It was fun to try "new" foods and to experiment with muffin tin recipes.

My birthday came and went without cake. That was slightly disappointing. But since I was losing weight, I was happy with all my restrictions.

Stage 3b lasted 3 weeks. It seemed like a long time, but now after another few weeks have past, it seems like the time went by too fast.

Meanwhile, I started working again, and walking for exercise. I felt good!
No regrets!


7 ounce of protein counts as a serving, but I don't really go by that. I'm just trying to get in 60 to 80 grams a day. So I choose food by what I still need to get.

I'll be posting recipes later, and photos, so check back!
And thanks for stopping by!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • GWEN7145
    Slowing down, sipping, and not drinking with meals will definitely be something I'll have to work on prior to surgery if I am approved.
    1020 days ago
  • SEAGLASS1215
    I think the idea of slowing down our eating would be helpful for ALL of us, with or without having had the WLS...I tend to scarf my meals down then wonder why I'm not satisfied...if I take the time to focus and eat slowly, I may remember what "full" feels like!
    1021 days ago
    Wow lots of protein. Especially since dairy and hummus contain a lot protein too.
    I wonder why so much protein?

    I can't wait to hear what amounts and foods you eat today.
    1022 days ago
    Post -op food seems to be skewed towards protein. I see this in your list and I understand that to be the norm from what I read elsewhere and see on TV.
    I think the post-op food on the TV program about weight loss surgery was mostly protein. What is the thought on this? That the protein nourishes muscle mass and organs and the lack of carbs means that the calories burned comes from stored fat?
    Or what?

    Does a protein shake count as 1 protein serving? Or what?

    So that would be about 1200 calories or so? Do post-op patients ever count calories?

    Like the idea of chewing food thoroughly and eating slowly. Would be good for everyone, I think.

    I want to try some of those muffin cup recipes. They sound like fun.

    Thanks for blogging. Not sure why I find weight loss surgery so interesting.
    Just so you know, I am not considering it for myself. I just feel that there is a lot to be
    learned here.
    1022 days ago
  • no profile photo TWALKOWICZ
    ...my required 8 glasses (64 oz) & usually a little more. You're doing awesome! Keep paying attention to the differences in your tummy & keep walking. I love my new energy levels, like from 20 yes ago. Fibro flares are fewer & less severe.
    1022 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    Thanks for sharing
    1022 days ago
  • no profile photo TWALKOWICZ
    ...fluids. I found 45 min was still too soon & I would start to feel hungry. Waiting at least an hour has really helped. I've found getting my first 4 glasses of water in before lunchtime & the last 4 before (or finish up after) dinner helps me get
    1022 days ago
  • no profile photo TWALKOWICZ
    Woohoo! Sounds like you're coming along nicely! I am almost 4mos post op. I will say, not chugging my water was hard for me too. Especially after a good workout. Once you're back on regular food I would suggest waiting a full hour before drinking...
    1022 days ago
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