Super Stressed?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Super stressed?

Sometimes you just don’t know how to tackle stress. Nothing seems logical and none of your rational actions make your situation any better. It can also make your brain go into a sleeping mode and you might not even be able to figure out what should be your next course of action. Here are some suggestions you can follow to bounce back:

1. Write down your tasks: When stressed, give yourself perspective. Write down the tasks that you need to do right at that moment even if one of it involves something uncomfortable like talking to a person with whom you had an argument. Write down how you need to deal with your finances, at office, at home and do your tasks accordingly when in that particular situation. Focusing on the job at hand helps your brain function better and de-stress. In fact, there are studies that suggest primary caregivers of patients who write down their feelings can deal better with chronic stress.

2. Drink a glass of water: It is not for nothing that water is called the elixir of life. Did you know dehydration can lead to an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol? So, when you are stressed and are pushed to the limit, drink a glass of water to reduce the level of cortisol .

3. Breathe in, breathe out: If you are not good at meditation, start with deep breathing. It is possible that you start taking short, shallow breaths when you panic under a stressful condition. This makes you get into the flight or fight mode, but deep breathing helps your body and brain to calm down and reduce the effect of stress.

4. Walk out of an argument: You really don’t want to burden yourself with more stress. Or do you? Then stop that argument as soon as you figure out it is heading nowhere and simply raising your stress levels and making you angry.

5. Clean the clutter: Physical clutter can make your stress levels soar as the mess around make it difficult to focus on the tasks that needs your maximum attention. In fact, studies point out that the physical environment one is subjected at work has a direct effect on stress. A more organised and clutter free space can help boost productivity and reduce stress.

6. Go for a jog: Because stress also makes your muscles constrict and restricts blood flow, this makes you physically inactive. However, if you can challenge your body and go for a run or the gym to rejuvenate, it will help melt away stress and burn calories. Endorphins released during exercise have a positive effect on stress and helps you calm down.

7. Eat an apple: There is no harm if you want to eat a pastry to help yourself feel better in a stressful condition. But the problem is when you go into an overdrive with your comfort foods, this keeps the stress hormones elevated and its consequences last longer . Instead, snack on an apple that gives you the vital vitamins that boost brain health and uplifts your mood.

8. Listen to music: Putting on your earplugs and listening to your favourite number really does help. Even studies back this claim that music has a soothing effect on your mind and can help eliminate negative effects of your specific stressors
9. Smile: Even if you have to force one. When you start to feel better, start laughing really hard from your belly. Remember, laughter is therapeutic and not just stress, it can help deal with a whole lot of other physiological and psychological problems.

10. Listen to your body: Sometimes, the answers for your stress relief aren’t outward but inward. So listen to your body attentively. Sit in a quiet calm place and pay attention to your body with every breath you take, starting from toes upward and vice versa. This helps your body to relax and makes you physically capable of taking charge of the present moment.

11. Talk to your buddy: Talk therapy always works. Talk to someone you can trust, but beware, when stressed you tend to be vulnerable and so chances are you can fall for someone who is untrustworthy. When in stress, always go back to people who stood by you in difficult times before, that way you might tend to make fewer mistakes.

12. Sleep over it: Stress affects sleep, but the lack of it can make your stress worsen. So when nothing seems right and your brain fails to judge the rational from the irrational, take a break and nap. Even a power nap for 30 minutes will do.

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