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Dieters, it's Time to Eat Real Food!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Most diets are destined to fail because they are too strict and don't have enough fat in them, says Harvard University nutritionist Dr. David Ludwig. Traditional low-fat diets, in which fats are replaced by carbohydrates and sugars, fuel a vicious circle of hunger by throwing the body into starvation mode, he says."

"He cited one 2012 study which showed the same people burned 325 fewer calories a day while on a low fat diet than on moderate and high fat Mediterranean style diets containing the same amount of energy.

This was because the body had evolved to become super-efficient when food was scarce and humans had to forage for survival.

The secret was instead to eat luscious and hearty meals which fed the body properly and kept hunger at bay for longer, he said.

Examples of meals he and his chef wife, Dawn, have come up with include Melt-in-your-mouth lamb shanks, Shepherd's pie with Cauliflower topping and Steak salad with Blue cheese dressing.

Desserts can be slathered in homemade chocolate sauce, using dark chocolate or cream, as long as no sugar is added."

Full article here- www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/
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    I think that researchers are doing to sugar what Ansel Keys did to fat and cholesterol. I don't believe sugar by itself is causing the modern chronic diseases. Many cells of the human body use sugar for fuel and would suffer without it. The cells also use fat for fuel, but the fats can't be the industrial processed fats (canola, vegetable, soy etc.) we need to go back to natural fats (lard, tallow, extra virgin olive oil, coconut etc.). Humans have eaten sweet foods for a very long time and not had a problem, although it was in moderation. Today's diets are mostly refined carbs and sugar in other words empty calories (meaning without any nutritional value). It causes us to over eat and spikes blood sugar levels. If we had our sweets in moderation and in such a way as to add nutritional value, such as with whole grains, healthy fats and less sugar it would slow down their absorption and not cause spikes in blood sugar levels. For example, in the past we ate cookies & pie but they were made with whole grains, healthy fats and a lot less sugar. They were also considered a treat and eaten after a healthy meal, NOT AS A MEAL. This is the way it was done in the past. The problem also is all the chemical preservatives and unnatural food extracts in the processed foods we eat. We need to stop eating processed chemical laden food and get back into our kitchens and make our own natural chemical free whole foods. All these chemical preservatives and unnatural extracts of food is also a problem. We also need to go back to growing vegetables and fruits without all the pesticides & herbicides. Modern herbicides & pesticides are made from petroleum. They deplete the soil of nutrients the produce needs to grow properly and nourish us. They also have detrimental effects on our bodies & the environment. I once read that an apple back in the forties had many more nutrients then the apples we eat today and that it would take many more of today's apples to equal one of the forties apples. The meat we eat today is from Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO). The animals are raised in unnatural ways and fed unnatural diets with all kinds of antibiotic & hormones to speed their growth. It causes health problems for the animals and then we eat it and it causes problems for us. We need to go back to raising animals for meat naturally with their natural diets. We also eat to much meat and get to much protrein as a result. Humans only need about 40 - 60 grams of protein a day depending on our weight. This is equal to
    about 3 ounces of meat a day. There are many problems with today's diet, until we fix all of them we will not see our health improve.
    1591 days ago
    1649 days ago
    Absolutely! I have just been coming to realize that the main reason that I have been hungryhungryhungry all my life was that my mom was an early adopter of the low fat lifestyle. We never had sugary beverages, and rarely got dessert, yet I can remember ALWAYS being hungry and wanting more, from a very young age. It was lowfat or no-fat EVERYTHING, with the exception of the steaks and chops my dad insisted on. Could be one more reason why I'm so fond of protein! It was my only source of fat.

    Thank goodness, though, she was also a natural foods fan, and never made us eat margarine!
    1663 days ago
  • BILL60
    Makes me hungry.
    1664 days ago
    1664 days ago
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