I've lost 8 lbs since Monday!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Okay ever since last year getting stuck in the house for 3 months with the bad winter I've never gotten all that extra weight I put on. I was watching Rachael Ray one day and Ian Smith came on talking about his new cleanse wear you can eat and not just drink. I never thought I'd do a cleanse but when he said that you could lose eight pounds in 2 weeks and it would restart your metabolism and me being in a stale mate I figured I'd have nothing to lose. I'd need the co-operation and support of my husband for this and he's been trying to lose some weight and wasn't successful so we both committed to it. Let me say it was very expensive to buy the foods needed, which tells you why there are so many overweight low income families out there, it's much easier to buy a frozen pizza for 3 bucks then to spend double that on a package of veggies.
So I've been making veggie soup every 2 days for hubby, he hates salads so I still have a small salad but eat some veggie soup too. We started it Monday and I can't even believe the way the weight has just fallen off, Ian said this is something you could continue doing even after the 2 weeks and both myself and hubby think we're going to do the main part of it even after because of the results and the way we feel. My skin feels different, feels healthier, my stomach.... OMG my stomach feels the best it has since getting Lyme and polluting my body with all the antibiotics and motrin. I can't believe how I don't feel bloated anymore, my stomach feels fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!! I would recommend this to anyone, my hubby has lost 6 1/2 lbs and I think the only reason he's a little behind is because he's continued to have a peanut butter sandwich for his work lunch and you're not suppose to have any bread. This book is amazing! The smoothies are delicious and very filling and even with hubby not following it to the T he was still able to lose 6 1/2 lbs since Monday. This has really opened my eyes I feel more alert even though I'm tired all the time if that makes sense, it's given me a little more energy. I can only imagine how amazing this would be if I didn't have the Lyme and Fibromyalgia I'd probably feel like I was 25 again. This has really opened my eyes , my hubby has been so supportive I think you really need a supportive partner by your side.
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