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MY DO's AND DON'Ts. How did i lose 7lbs and 1 pants size down in 31 days.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I been thinking since I started this new plan to share it with you all, but I was first willing to see if it will work or not. If you're someone reading my story the first time then let me tell you. If you already know all this I let you pass this first part :))

I'm 37 years old. I have PCOS, arthritis, I am anemic, have migraine headaches, and since 2 years experiencing anxiety too... there were days I have seen my blood pressure 180 to 150... Yes high like crazy! I've gained so much weight in the past because of different type of pills I was given since I was 24. Which I believed making it go so slow for me..And once I gained all that weight in short time it messed up my life and I became a person I never wanted to be, unhealthy and unhappy...

Before that I was a martial art fighter, fit confident happy and hopeful...I was fighting in category of 50 kg people approximately 100-110 pound.

At the end of 2011 I was at my highest weight and I saw 243 on the scale... On those days I fell in love with a healthy man and I started working out and learning what is actually eating healthy... I've lost 28 lbs but then I've lost my best friend my father and emotions came in the way, at the same time the person i fell in love disappointed me so deep and I found myself that i can't control my own emotions, lots of starving then lots of craving, so many complicated feelings, loneliness and this time the anxiety came into my life, which I am still struggling with...

Mean while, I've read a lot, I've took notes from my success and failures, I joined Sparkpeople and met so many lovely people here that helped me get over so many difficult times that I have been since I joined in May 2014.

So finally, this last December 2014, I've decided and some of you know I shared on General chat too that I want to make this 2016 my best of Me year. So I made a little search about how to make a meal plan.
It said, set that meal plan depending on your mood, how you'll feel, and even the weather, make it personalized and make it matching with your character. So that's what I did...
I like changes, I like trying new things, I like cooking, the good thing is I like exercising too...

And let me tell you, I was a person who is living for SUGAR, always felt something is missing when I didn't have something sweet, I was partying too much in the past so I was always eating out with friends, especially at night, we all tasting from each other's food, I was a person that who is always in the sweet then salty, then sweet then salty vicious cycle, I was the laziest person in the world who felt so tired to get up and move, to exercise was a dream, to hold this BIG belly, my feet were so tired too soon and I've always suffered from backache, as soon as I moved a little bit I was not being able to sleep because of migraine headaches, and so much more...

I gained all the weight because of pills in 2001, then never knew how to solve it, in 2011 i realized at my highest weight, and started working on it... So from 2011 to 2016, I wanted to change and I have CHANGED...!

So here are the things what I do and don't do anymore...

I DO's and DON'Ts;

- I don't drink Starbucks every morning anymore, neither every week... I do it only once in a while like in 2 or 3 weeks, and I make sure I get something non fat and no whip cream.

- I have said bye to white sugar and anything has white sugar in it.

- I'm not best friends with pastry, or bread work anymore, if I eat I only munch on them and I tell myself right that moment I don't need this. I gained the habit of looking for brown/whole grain bread if I have to eat bread.

- I don't get on bus or drive for short distance, I walk as much as I can. I also got a FITBIT step tracker and being in challenge with people helps even more, I wear it and I walk...

- While I am walking I trained myself on breathing right, I try to synchronize it with my steps, like one step inhale one step exhale, once I walk faster I breath faster, this way I can have enough oxygen and I have less migraine headaches, also I make sure I drink enough water, in every 15 mins I sip on water a little, then when I am really thirsty and slowing down I drink more.

- If there is an option between staying home or going out I choose going out, and move as much as I can.

- I don't eat after 1830 anymore, if I have to, then no later than 8pm, and it has to be something light like home made soup or tea or smoothie.

- I recognized what is one cup and that my stomach is a muscle actually, if I fill it more it will get bigger, if I fill it less it will get smaller and I will be full soon, it is all about changing the habit.

- I made my portions smaller but I drink a lot of water, and when I eat I eat more protein and less carbs, less fat, I still eat whole grain carbs or I get carbs from the fruits. Now my candies are fruits, all kinds of fruits, but again small portions, and usually in the morning.

- Apple cider vinegar and lemon are miracle! So when I drink water I make sure I drop some lemon juice in it, leave some slices and drop some apple cider vinegar like 2-3 tea spoon. some days I forget doing this but it is not the end of the world, but I know one thing this helped me get rid of sugar cravings and sweet tooth, now I am disgusted of white sugar and too sweet deserts...

- And the biggest thing I believe I have changed as habit is, I am not eating processed food anymore. I now believe it is the enemy, anything comes from the package and has a shelf life is against my nature, it is not for human body, it is not something matching with my nature, so I gave up on them and I spend so much effort to cook and make whatever I like at HOME, also stopped eating as much as before from the restaurants, which I don't know how much salt in it, how much sauce or what is in it, and I want to know what I put in my body so i try them at home I believe I can do better! Well yes if I have to eat from a restaurant I choose at least what is closest to the healthy.

- I walk at least 20 mins everyday, besides all the walking around at work, if I have a chance I walk at lunch time too, and 20 mins more before I go home... Whatever I can add as a workout during the day I add them all...

- I know tracking is so helpful, when I first started I was tracking everything I eat drink goes through my mouth and every kind of exercise and physical activity, but now I am not tracking everything, because after a while I can guess and what I do is I'M LISTENING MY BODY!
If today my abs are sore because of abs exercise; then tomorrow I am working on legs, if my legs are sore, then I work chest, so everyday I try to make some parts of my body work or if possible whole body exercise with kettle bell swings. that is the bomb!

Since 19 December 2015 till 19 Jan 2016 I went down 7 lbs and 1 size down in pants.

So this is what my meal plan looks like;

In the morning;
Options, not all. Approximately 250-300 calorie worth meal;
I choose one or some of them;
1 cup fresh fruit mix, 1 glass of grapefruit juice, coffee with sweetener, 1/2 table spoon peanut butter, 2 eggs, oatmeal with honey.... you can make more different options but not to pass 300 cal. And I start eating at 7.30 and I stop once I feel full, if I feel hungry again I eat one more of those and then make the total of 300 before lunch.

At dinner, soup or smoothie, or may be a small cheese bread (whole grain bread) or whatever I eat I try not to pass 300 cal.

So for lunch, I eat a real meal, that I cook every night before. I personalized the names of the week as what I wanna eat for that day, the days can switch, if today I don't feel like to eat fish I can switch it with chicken day and eat the fish on another day.

I have a gym freak super fit trainer friend who can eat potato mash or rice and chicken or meat balls like everyday for 2 weeks but I like variety... If I have to eat the same thing everyday i would feel depressed... So I decided each day to be a specific rich protein food day, for my big meal. My breakfast and dinner is almost the same everyday but I keep the excitement high for my big meal of the day...

Monday Eggday.
I search for healthy egg meals options online. I either cook them with spinach, or just boiled and spiced up, or light deviled eggs... Whatever you think, but no creamy sauce or too much grease/fat/oils/ or no white carbs in those meals. I make sure I add a whole carb next to it but a cup of it, nothing too big to feel my stomach heavy..

Omega Tuesday.
I bought some salmon slices and my favorite fish and kept them in freezer, so I spice it up with some olive oil and bake it, I try brown rice, or brown pasta but only 1 cup next to it, salad works too.

Juicy Wednesday
A rich Smoothie in the morning. i add Whey vegan protein powder in it, I don't add both light yoghurt and milk at the same time, I usually add a little bit of light milk for texture and lots of water, lots of fruits, a little bit peanut butter, it is all about how you like. something that will make me feel full and that i will get enough of good carbs, fiber and protein at the same time. A few hours later. if I am so hungry, i eat something like cherry tomatoes, on these days I try to go all soft on what I eat. I divide the smoothie to 2 jars, one for breakfast one for dinner. For lunch I make a big rich soup, add all you want in the soup. I make sure there is whole carbs in it and protein, chicken, peas, beans, sometimes brown pasta or wheat, corn... Anything you like in a soup but not cream and not too salty...

Chicksy Thursday is my chicken day... Breakfast and Dinner is same as other days, with healthy varieties, fresh fruit, veggies, salad may be, soup, eggs, whole wheat bread toast are examples... Just to stop the hunger... And I bake chicken with spices, sweet potato works well next to eat.

Left overs Friday...
You can guess whatever I have left over from the week I usually try to go with it...

Festive Saturday...
Usually I eat a big breakfast on Saturdays, small portions of whatever I want to eat, but again I don't go too unhealthy... I try to go natural, fresh, more protein, and not processed...
For lunch or dinner I either eat kebab all grilled veggies and red meat with lots of salad and yoghurt or I cook something similar.

I still don't have a specific food type for Sunday, but we usually have BBQ on Sundays, yes I love red meet and I like to eat once or twice a week.

I hope you all enjoyed reading and everything goes great for you all!
Love and Peace!

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