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Why am I blogging about WLS?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why am I writing these blogs about weight loss surgery?

* I am not trying to convince anyone to have it done. *

WLS is not a good choice for everyone!

I just want to share information. Some people have asked me casually about it, and it's hard to give a simple explanation. What do I say? I failed at decades of diets, so I have my stomach made smaller to force me to diet?

For people who want to know more, I want to share information.

I also want to document my own journey. I'm a blogger and scrapbooker. I enjoy doing it.

And again, I feel strangely defensive about my choice.

In my small circle of friends, family, coworkers and other acquaintances, it seems that people hold strong opinions about WLS. And it also seems that the people who know less about it are the most vocal against it.

Personally speaking, I did it, it was a good choice for me, and I feel good about it. I'm tired of the snide comments I get, and I feel bad for others who are being told they are taking the easy way out, or worse.

I'd love for my friends here to continue reading about my journey with WLS, and I welcome comments and questions!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SEAGLASS1215
    I admit to having thought WLS was an easy way out at first...after reading your blogs and research about it, I have changed my mind...having to make the necessary lifestyle changes WLS requires to be successful sounds very difficult - in fact, too difficult for me to contemplate at this time. And, I admit, scary too - the risks that are involved - but I applaud you for your decision. This was right for you, based on everything you researched and considered and you committed to making the changes in your eating habits to ensure your success. You should not have to defend your decision to anyone. I am so grateful for all your blogs about this topic, and so timely for my own life as my doctor had suggested WLS as an option for me...your research has helped me so much - I have been working very hard at committing to some changes in my own habits such as tracking, moving more, etc., and putting in much more effort this time around. Still not perfect (gave in a few times to the junk food) and this is what scares me about the surgery - what if I can't stop myself from giving in to the brownie or candy bar? Would I put myself at risk? Or turn into an emotional monster due to deprivation? I guess I am trying to see if I can commit to lifestyle changes first before making a choice for WLS where those lifestyle changes could have more drastic consequences if not adhered to.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your story, it has meant a lot to me and again, kudos to you for making a decision that is right for you! Hold your head high, you are a success story, and your should be very proud of yourself!
    1156 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT, I agree but what matters is that you did what you thought best for you and now find wish you had done it earlier. Ignore the rude people, they don't matter! hugs xxx
    1157 days ago
    PS and then maybe this experience will help to shrink your body and EXPAND your soul and wisdom, having to realize that you are you and that you can let others have their opinions but you don't have to let it bother you. Growth, my friend! :)
    1157 days ago
    I agree with all those who posted so far.
    I have known you for quite a while and I know that you don't take such a step lightly and that you were very worried about your weight. Heck, you even tried ETL! LOL
    So it's not like you thoughtlessly tried to take any 'easy way'.
    And indeed surgery is no small thing and you are an intelligent woman, so you knew this.
    1157 days ago
    I've met a couple of folks at my gym who've had the surgery. I'm inspired by the hard work they're doing. I'm sorry that people have felt it appropriate to comment negatively on your life decision.
    1157 days ago
  • ANON76
    I don't see how having ANY surgery is the easy way out? But I think there comes a point where to wait it out, instead of taking drastic measures, is just too dangerous to risk. It may be a bit of a shortcut, but the core problem gets dealt with still
    1157 days ago
    We are all different !
    I think there are Sparkers that appreciate the info that you are sharing.
    It also gives you a chance to process your thoughts and feelings.

    1157 days ago
    All that matters in the end is that you feel good about your decision and that it was the right decision for you. It's no one's business but you and your doctor.
    1157 days ago
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