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LA Fitness Personal Training sales pitch

Monday, January 18, 2016

Today, I went to my "Fitness Assessment" at LA Fitness. This is the complimentary session that you get when you sign up for a membership. My appointment was at noon. We went over some basics, most of which I already knew (weight, body fat %, basic importance of nutrition, cardio and resistance training)..... This took about 45 minutes of the hour that we scheduled.

I am well aware of how out of shape I am. I need work on strength, endurance, balance... You name it. Then finally, we did a mini work out. This did not consist of working on any machines. It was more balancing exercises, shaking some ropes, lifting a kettleball, doing a few planks, etc. Total work out time was 12 minutes.

Then we returned to his desk to go over pricing. Of course he mentioned the value of having a personal trainer. Well, of COURSE I would benefit from having one. Who woldn't, right?

Now, let's go over the costs:

Master Trainer = $55 an hour. This involved a 12 month commitment. He discounted the price to $50. So if I went one time a week, that would only cost me $200 a month.

Personal Trainer = $45 an hour. This also involves a 12 month commitment. The discount for this was $40 an hour. So one time a week would be $160 a month.

Sure, it would be beneficial, but with two car payments, a mortgage, tuition for my son to go to school and all the other utilities, food, etc., that's just NOT going to happen.

But let's not think that this is just LA Fitness. This seems to be the going rate. I will post about my other visits to other gyms soon.
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    I am going to post from the trainers point of view, because that is what I am. I have 3 certifications which I worked hard for, paid a lot of money to earn and pay annual fees to maintain, as well as carrying insurance. I am also responsible for staying up-to-date (CEU's) and I constantly read, research and blog on diet, health and fitness, sorting through all the crazy and insane misinformation that floods this industry. I have been a trainer since 1993, have run my own personal training facility for more than 10 years, provided 1000's of sessions to all ages, all conditions and have never had a dissatisfied client - other than the ones that I let go! Personal trainers are, quite frankly, a dime-a-dozen but a great trainer is a gift. When you work with a trainer that truly knows the human body, understands muscle origination/insertion and cares about the client-and I mean TRULY cares-and puts a tremendous amount of effort into program design, regularly makes modifications, keeps the enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration levels high during each session, this is something a 'buddy' cannot provide. Most people also have movement impairment syndrome and exercise in a way that only further reinforces this. I have watched the general public working out in gyms for over 40 years and I can tell you - the average person just watches what others do, copies them and has no idea what they're doing, why they're doing the exercises they're doing, how to progress/regress properly and how to move to get the best results, fix movement impairments and stay safe. It's funny because people think you just go to the gym and do some moves without really putting thought into what it is they want to achieve. Most people that go to the gym also never change their bodies and this is in large part due to the fact that they don't understand how to do it properly or they yo-yo, a step forward, a step back, forward, back - you know the story. An exceptional trainer will help you with your mind as well as your body and train you to become strong there as well, knowing that this is the greatest obstacle to your goal achievement: your own thought process.
    1258 days ago
  • VLE045
    FranklyFrank - that is why I am so glad I don't have to pay anything to the fitness centers directly. I pay my insurance and that gets me membership to a lot of different places, if I want it. I have read so many horror stories of people trying to get out of their fitness center contract.

    That reminds me.... He asked me if I knew the percentage of people who stop using their membership within 3 months. (As a way to prove the Personal Training was valuable.). My guess was 95%. He said that was exactly right. Yup, I knew that. emoticon
    1707 days ago
    But you learned a valuable lesson, right? They (all exercise/fitness centers) are basically after your money. The experts(?) can't teach you much more than ydiligently searching. My advice (fwiw) is to buddy up with someone for the mutual motivation
    1707 days ago
  • VLE045
    I am just lucky that I can join all of these gyms without paying any of them directly. I just pay one fee to Healthways Prime. They don't give you any of these prices until after you join and have your fitness assessment.
    1707 days ago
    It's an expensive benefit to have. The 12 month commitment is the killer there. The trainers where I go have said they would wave the 3 month commitment and just charge me by session @ $40 a time. I like this option much better. I would say to keep shopping around, you'll find something hopefully.
    1707 days ago
    I love LAfitness But Jesus I know is similar prices out there but the fact that you have to commit for 12 months is crazy to me. I used to go LA fitness signature and between the membership, plus child care, plus the trainer it was draining my bank
    1707 days ago
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