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Saturday, January 02, 2016

So I decided, with a little nudge from the doctor back in December at the quarterly appointment, to try a little more structure to the diet. I start a Whole30 on 1/6/2016. I am excited, I like the premise- eat from this list. Don't eat from this list. Santa brought me the book, and I have been doing the preparation.
emoticon One of which is to make some if/then statements.
My if /then plan.
Lunch Plans: If my co-workers give me a hard time about not going to lunch, then I’ll say, “I’m doing this food experiment right now to see if I can make my allergies better, so it’s mineral water with lime and my packed lunch for me today but I would love to eat with you if you bring it back to the office.”

Travel/errand day
If I get busy with errands, and I am famished, then I’ll snack on the Whole30 emergency food, apples, carrot sticks, and the small packet of almond butter I brought with me. or I could eat from the EPIC snack pack I splurged on–

Cravings: If I have a craving for chocolate, then I will go for a walk, crochet, drink hot tea, anything to keep busy and know that it will pass.

No money: If I run out of money for new fresh groceries, then I will eat from the freezer.

Exercise: If it’s too cold to walk, then we will do a DVD in the morning, and I will walk on the treadmill at work. If Cynthia sleeps in, then I will exercise alone.

If its faith group, and they have food that I can’t eat, then I will say, I already ate my dinner, and make sure I eat before I go, or pack my own dinner.

If I am tired and don’t want to make dinner, then I will have the boys make taco’s, and eat whole 30 approved taco salad.

I have already run into obstacle. NO grocery money until 1/11. So I adjusted my menu to eat from freezer. It makes me less than happy with my husband, when my paycheck doesn't go far enough, and he doesn't contribute to what I think is important ( food for me). He will bring lunch money home for the boys, and no whole30 approved daycare leftovers that they can eat, if they are hungry enough. I did pay most of the bills, and avoided a big fight about how much I spent on Christmas. but will really need to work on my if/then statement for the UN-supportive spouse. emoticon

But I am excited for the new year, and my goals. I wrote up a statement:
emoticon I will lose weight in 2016 by doing a whole30 starting 1/6/2016 until 5/1/2016, in 30 day series throughout the year. I will stick to the whole30 plan by daily tracking on Spark people, eating breakfast each day, preparing lunch each morning, and a planned dinner. I will drink green tea with infusion tea throughout the day. I will participate in the biggest loser, from 1/6/2016 until 4/6/2016 by sticking to a series of Whole30, and exercising each day by walking 10,000 steps, and using the wellness room for treadmill, biking and stepping for 15 minutes, 2 x a day. SMART means Specific( weight loss, whole30), Measurable ( percentage of weight lost, stars for compliant days) Agreed-upon,( I have agreed, and have communicated my intentions) Realistic ( I can do this) and Timely.(1/6-5/1) I will look forward to the SPA weekend April 30-May2, 2016.

I Created my own personal wellness vision.
Success looks like Looser clothes, diminished belly, more flexibility, better blood sugars and better balance. I will mend my relationship with food and create a HEALTHY food environment. If a food reinforces a negative mental association, then it is unhealthy. Smallsteps ( whole 30, walking then gym tryathon, ) anticipate obstacles ( no money, no produce) Solidify support team (cynthia, spark, providers, OA, jake) I will follow a structured food plan,(options in the house to choose from) I will begin a walking program in the mornings, and try the wellness gym. I will start brown bagging lunches rather than eating out every day.
Whole30 talks about the nine factors of health: Here are my nine goal statements:
Nutrition: I will follow my first whole30 from 1-6-16 to 2-6-16.
Sleep: I will go to bed at nine, turning off electronics at 8pm.
Stress management: I will set a timer on my phone to take a break every hour each work day, walking round the building, getting water, green tea.
Exercise: I will walk 6 days a week in the morning before work. I will aim for 10,000 steps. If it’s too cold to walk, we will do a wellness DVD. I will do the gym tryathon, 15 minutes once a workday.
Active recovery: I will stretch after each workout. I will try yoga before bed.
Injury recovery: I will do the shoulder stretches daily.
Fun and Play: I will re-commit to learning Spanish.
Personal growth: I will make my therapy appointment when I’m in Spokane. I will read the book boundaries during my Whole30.
Temperance: I will stick to the food plan, and not eat out of emotional reasons. I will blog, crochet, read instead of eating.

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    You can do this! I'm sorry that you are on your own at home...If you generally do the shopping, can you make sure to buy more Whole30 foods? Once 1/11 comes around, of course. Maybe anything that is "junk" should not be considered in the food budget? Can the whole family start to eat Whole30? Since you might get stuck eating from the freezer - make sure to buy a lot of protein (especially chicken, which isn't usually expensive) and fill the freezer. Switch from white potatoes to yams/sweet potatoes. You can make killer sweet potato fries that I'm sure the whole family will enjoy. Try to have a lot of perishables on hand as back-up: canoed tuna, canned chicken, etc. I think that until the family is on board, you should have an if/then set up for when you can't be 100% Whole30 - maybe at least be gluten-free?

    1415 days ago
    This looks like a good overall plan, but for me, that would be too much to start with! If you find yourself in the same boat named "Overwhelmed", might I suggest that you tackle each of the nine factors a little differently: re-Prioritize what you Need (right now!!)_vs Want (this year). Obviously the Nutrition is likely to be #1....but learning Spanish would be at the bottom of "my" list....perhaps not your's however!! Then spend one week focusing on #1, then the next week its #1 and #2 together, then #1, #2, and #3... etc,etc through the nine weeks....or even 18 weeks. Imagine what you can accomplish with 18 weeks of good Nutrition!! WOW--- Your Great Year is off to a good start.

    "To get to Success you must follow a path...a Decision alone will not get you there...
    (Unless, of course, you happen to have access to Star Trek Transporter or Dr Who Phone Booth!)"....quote from a good Spark Friend....
    1415 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/2/2016 3:07:55 PM
    Wishing you luck. It really is difficult when the spouse doesn't support you!
    1415 days ago
    1415 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/4/2016 10:08:17 AM
    I wish you much success in your plan. You took a giant step by focusing on what you need to do and making a plan. You CAN do it! 👍🏾👍🏾
    1415 days ago
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