37 miles. on a bike. 2016, here i come!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

I have two goals for 2016:
lose weight
get out of debt

big, challenging goals. if I don't take steps to achieve these goals
I will forever be stuck where I am in my life. it's time to get moving in a forward direction.

last summer dh started riding his bike to work. he became totally addicted to bike riding. he really got into working out and eating better. at the same time I was struggling, as usual, with my workouts and trying to make good food choices. his successes made me feel really bad about my lack of successes. I never told him about this, I didn't want him to have any negative feelings about his new lifestyle. I got pretty down on myself and just recently pulled myself out of that hole. I quit and it wasn't until I admitted that I had quit that I could pull myself away from the negativity. I admitted it, I accepted it and knew I needed to really start over and I needed a plan. I knew I wouldn't make it through the holidays being "on plan". I couldn't even make it through a week. a day, sometimes. so I stopped trying to follow any sort of a plan until I had one.
in September I gave up sugar. I didn't really have a plan once September ended so I started eating sugar again. but it wasn't like before. the cravings were gone. I could turn down cake at a party. I didn't need to treats brought into work just because they were there. I know if I don't get serious about sugar the cravings and addiction will return.
dh found out about a bike race a couple months ago. he really wants to do it and he wants me to do it with him. there are many levels, from 15-108 miles. I agreed to do the 37 mile level. this race takes place in north Idaho and it involves a lot of hills and basically follows a lake. it will be beautiful! once you complete the race you get on a boat and are brought back to the starting point where there is an Oktoberfest. ok, for beer, I think I can complete this race. hehe. dh is very serious about training and I know it won't be something I can put off. like I do every time I set a goal.
I've struggled with processed food a lot. I'm a binge eater and will buy frozen foods like burritos and eat them for snacks I don't need. I will buy a bag of chips and snack on them at work. I will eat cups full of m&m's. once something like this happens, I get off track and get a I've already screwed up mindset.
I really want to do whole30. but I can't afford to be that strict. but I know I can do things for 30 days and be successful. so I figured I'd do my own whole30 program in January.
with these things in mind I came up with a very strict, focused and challenging plan. January is going to consist of no sugar, no booze, no processed foods and a lot of working out. the holidays are over. there is inches of snow on the ground. it's cold, gloomy and just, winter. so what else do I have to do? it's not like I can sit on the back deck and drink beer. I have on excuses! I need to focus on something or else cabin fever will set in and binging out on chips and Netflix will become my life. and beer. and wine. I get into ruts and return to old habits. February is when this happens. if I get ahead in January, I can beat February!

anyway, can't wait to begin this journey Saturday. yes, tomorrow is a holiday, I won't be partaking in a new healthy lifestyle until Saturday.
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