Scale holding steady, size decreasing!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My goal for the holidays was to hold steady on the scale. Well, I've succeeded in that so far and am holding on around 162.5 pounds. However, I've had time off work and time off work means not only more time with my family but more time to exercise! SO, after another way too hot day for December and my only shorts (size 13) falling off, my husband and I went thrift shopping! I was a solid size 12 and could fit some 10's before the holidays. Now I'm a solid size 10 and can fit some size 8 depending on how they're made. I even bought a couple of belts to extend the life of my size 12 and 13's. I've even decreased to a size 7 undies and 36C bra (vs. size 9 and 42C)!

My belly is starting to shrink more and I'm starting to notice subtle changes in my loose skin tightening up. Maybe my doctor is right and with continued exercise including weight training, my skin may indeed tighten up. I've now incorporated TaeBo Advanced 3 and The Firm which both have some booty shaping exercise as I noticed recently that my butt is gone. I mean GONE! Like, it's just an extension of my legs to connect to my waist! LOL! Hmmm, maybe a plastic surgeon would transfer my belly to my booty to give me a flat stomach and a round butt! LMAO! Nah, not worth surgery to me!

I'm enjoying the holidays and have enjoyed being able to work the rich holiday foods into my healthy lifestyle without going overboard. It's showing me that I can indulge periodically without reverting back to binge eating. I can eat pie or cake without giving up and deciding I just ruined my lifestyle so I might as well binge. Those treats do fit in and it doesn't ruin anything to enjoy them in moderation!

I wish you all well and wish you the joy and success of staying healthy during the holidays. It's really a great feeling!
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    I have the SAME problem! I just want to take my belly flub and inject it in my flat rear haha. Squats have been helping me but still...
    Have you tried those buns of steel videos? The 80s one is crazy but wow, it really works that rear. look it up on youtube. It burns but you can feel that muscle working. I still have to take breaks every 20 seconds or so from the burn.
    I love tae bo! I love that he works your waist as much as possible without using sit ups. Every time I do tae bo I start to see lines on my belly and yes I'll take that please!!

    I'm sooooo jealous of Florida right now. Cali is usually warm too but this year we got hit with el nino and it's been 30s and 40s this whole month. I miss my outdoor workouts! I can only handle so much tae bo! lol

    Happy upcoming new year!!!
    1419 days ago
    That is am amazing success!
    1420 days ago
    Great job!!! : ) Moderation is key during the holidays. Happy New Year!!!
    1420 days ago
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