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My Christmas, and Yours

Saturday, December 26, 2015

DH's daughter invited us over for Christmas dinner today. It was snowing when we left the house but the roads were clear and we had a safe trip there and back.

She really put out a spread! I did good in my portion sizes (NO desserts!) so I shouldn't go over my calorie range today. (It's hard with home cooked meals at someones house because you're never really sure on the calories.)

But I still feel like a blimp

We had quite a bit of discussion with both daughter and her husband, discussing how things are going with the grandson who is now living at their home.

DH's oldest daughter was murdered 8 weeks ago, leaving behind a 13 year old son who is ADHD, Ashbergers/ borderline Autistic, etc. He was with a temp foster family for the first few weeks, and when that didn't work out, the younger daughter said they would take him. It's a HUGE step for a couple who decided early-on that they did not want children.

After spending the day with them, it is my honest opinion that he needs to professional help and I think they may be coming around to the same conclusion.

I really wish I had a magic wand to make things all better, but some things are out of our control. Anyway, that was a big shadow over an otherwise beautiful day.

So, how was your Christmas???? I really want to know.

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    Most of my "holiday" is spent on school work this year. Have to get this Unit of Instruction required by the state finished. Not much fun. I did enjoy a few hours with my in-laws on Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas with my mom. Christmas day was lazy at our house. Our son had all 4 wisdom teeth removed on the 23rd, so we spent all day in pjs just watching Christmas movies and being lazy. No extra eating at our house.
    1333 days ago
    Love your cartoons again! I probably put on several pounds over the holidays, so I haven't dared to step on the scales yet. And I can't begin to count how many times I've wished I were a fairy! Too cute!

    Sounds like your husband's daughter and her husband are trying their best to make a nice, welcoming home for the grandson. My heart goes out to all of you who are dealing with the death of your DH's daughter in various ways. That's got to be so difficult.

    I was able to spend Christmas with one of my daughters and her family and with my son and his family -- and with both their in-law's families! We had a big dinner with turkey and ham on Christmas Eve at DH's B-I-L's home (got that?), then breakfast at my son's and then again at my daughter's on Christmas morning. Had another big meal at my D-I-L's parents' home about 3:00 that day, and then a Mexican dinner at my daughter's house that night. Food, food, food! I enjoyed watching all five grandchildren open their gifts and visit with each other. They are close in ages, and they all get along really well.

    My daughter scheduled an appointment for me for a pedicure on Saturday morning, so I spent the night again with her on Christmas night and then went to my appointment. Drove back home that afternoon, and I got a call from my late boyfriend's sisters who were in town, so I met them for dinner on Saturday night. Had a nice visit with them -- and they introduced me to the Giant Panda Cams at the National Zoo, so now I'm hooked on watching little Bei Bei and his mom Mei.

    Yesterday, Sunday, I got up and drove to visit with one of my best buddies who I have known for almost 23 years now. We ate lunch at a new restaurant and then went to the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio for the Joan Miro exhibit. Afterwards, we went back to his house to exchange gifts. What was interesting is that he gave me the very same fiction book that my oldest daughter had sent me! They both chose something they knew I would really like!

    I've enjoyed staying home by myself today and getting some end-of-the-year paperwork off my list. A cold front blew in yesterday, so I've been drinking hot tea out of my favorite Christmas teacup all day long.

    Glad to read about your Christmas Day. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
    1333 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    My Christmas was wondrous emoticon
    1334 days ago
    HUGS and prayers continue for the family. So difficult, to say the least.
    1336 days ago
    emoticon Will be praying for your Grandson and the whole Family as you adjust to a "New Normal."
    emoticon Our Christmas was pretty Fabulous. Not much in the way of "Gifts" under the Tree, but Mom was able to enjoy seeing ALL 4 of her Kids and Our Spouses. We all had Lunch together, then got together at her Nursing Home for pictures and more Visiting. It is the 1st time in almost 10 years that my younger brother has joined us.
    1336 days ago
    I am an exhausted rock star, feel like I finished a marathon, with hurdles.

    My mother in law is very frail and suddenly incapacitated, but crazy demanding at the same time. My wife decorated their whole house, I took care of buying gifts for everyone from everyone, ordered a precooked turkey dinner from Sprouts, came over and got the food started, then immediately dove in to tackle each and every problem she complained about one at a time.

    She shamed her blind husband for setting up the imitation tree wrong, so I fluffed the whole thing. She was mad the lights didn't work, so I moved the whole tree, figured out the lights, got out some of the fun electronic ornaments John hadn't been able to put out himself. She was crabby about not being able to clean the house, so I tidied and cleaned. By the time my wife got back from picking up the auntie from across town, I was drenched in sweat and up to my neck with all the shaming and complaining, so it was a perfect time to walk my service dog around their gorgeous neighborhood. What a blessing to have the chance to reset my brain. Negativity is so toxic and contagious, and I really needed to move to get all the way back to gratitude.

    Dinner wasn't just okay, it was delicious. What a happy surprise! I had assumed it was going to be mediocre, but a great time saver. Nope, it was truly delectable. What a welcome blessing. I portioned out the leftovers into a dozen lunches and dinners for them to eat this week. We cleaned up the entire kitchen and put everything away.

    Gift exchange was a hit. They are super into the materialism of the season, and they all seemed to get enough new junk to satisfy that part. I tidied up every bit and found a home for each new thing. We drove the auntie home all the way back across town. I came home and rode the bike for an hour. Wrote in my journal about how heartbreaking it is to help someone so desperately needy and terribly unkind all at once.

    Definitely their last Christmas of independent living. Assisted living is no longer an option they can put off. What a rare blessing that they have the resources to be able to afford it. This transition won't be easy for any of us, but I am grateful for my health and mobility every step of the way. Having more support for the in laws could possibly take a massive amount of stress out of my marriage, too. I could sure use that right now.
    1336 days ago

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    Loved the cartoons, and glad you had a nice Christmas and dinner and watched your portions, so true you never know how to track when eating elsewhere. I think I overdid it, but the holidays are when I splurge a bit. Feeling not so good right now though.
    I do believe with some needed help will make a big difference for your Grandson. So nice of them to take him in.
    We had a nice quiet Christmas. Our children are all grown but are all with us, so we had a nice family day. Hubby and I went for a hike Christmas day and actually saw snow. Was pretty neat , as I have always wanted to be in the snow on Christmas. Kinda got my wish. emoticon

    Oh, Riley sure enjoyed his first Christmas (My Setter)
    1336 days ago

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    Saddened to hear about you clouded Christmas. I didn't know about the grandsons health issues. I'll be praying in regards to that as well now.

    Our Christmas wasn't too bad considering we had to entertain DH's mother at the last minute. DH always says he'd rather entertain his in-laws then my in-laws =) but we only had 3 hours of visiting and managed to keep most of the time devoted to good family memories (tough to do for this family) and kept her away from the politics and religion (she can be quite fanatical about both topics) I was really proud of myself for not going overboard in preparing. Just roasted chicken, potatoes and veggies. Mostly like any other night just without the leftovers =)

    Christmas eve was spent with my youngest boy, DIL1 and grands. It was quite nice. they put on quite the spread (enough to feed an army) so they have left overs to feed themselves for the week... i was smart enough to use a small plate (ones she had out for appetizers and such) for dinner to keep my calories in check.

    We have the grands all day today so i'm sure i'll get lots of chatting from them about all the goodies they received. maybe i can get some extra steps in while listening =)
    1336 days ago
    spent time with family and had a nice time

    your grandson will be ok, he WILL get the help he needs, he is with family that loves him and cares for him, that means so much..
    1336 days ago
    Christmas was delightful, slow start...and then it built to some kind of waves of crazy. The best kind of day imaginable. For your 13 year old, all children need structure and routine...for one with ADHD and Aspergers, this is even more crucial...especially since they lack the social cues to help them. That poor young man has to be reeling in an enormous way and have no idea how to communicate his needs or heartache. Let's face it, 13 is a tough age for most teens, it is just the age of uncertainty and hormones...not a really great combo. It is really lovely that you were all together and enjoying Christmas...I will pray for all of you as you find your way together. Oh to be a fairy...
    1336 days ago
  • -RUBIES-
    I'm glad your Christmas was a joyful one and that you did good on calories. Yay! My heart goes out to boy. What a loss he must be feeling as well as some confusion. I pray God's hands upon his life.

    My Christmas was wonderful... full of love, joy and gifts! Praise the Lord!
    1336 days ago
  • no profile photo BMI24PLEZ
    you picked out exactly the two cartoons I was going to post!!!!!! tell me again how great minds think alike!!!!

    I actually did laundry, walked, ate a little less but still Christmas was the seventh day of eating way too many goodies (weigh in scale on sunday is going to be just gawd-awful)

    See ya later emoticon emoticon
    1336 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/26/2015 1:41:35 AM
  • JIBBIE49
    Love your jokes.
    Love the background of Elvis. He was so handsome. Such a shame that he died so young. Ann Margaret said he called her everyday at 12:30 PM and she had told him the day before that he needed to go to a Health Spa with her and get well, so when he didn't call that day, she waited ten minutes and called him. One of his men answered the phone in the bathroom and she said "He's gone isn't he?" He said "Yes." How sad.
    1336 days ago
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