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Vitamin D and fat burning, the research link.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A great deal of new research has been done on vitamin D from the sun, and fitness. It seems sun screen advertisements have done too-good of a job at making people hate the sun, and it is bad for people's health in some ways. It also explains why so many people go on health kicks for fitness at New Years, in the depth of winter when it is dark with no sun. So getting a bit bronze if you do not do it in overkill can be good for fitness.


"Amplified sun exposure leads to more than just a wholesome glow. An entire chain reaction is created that activates the most powerful substances in the human body, hormones that burn body fat. One of these hormones, melanocortin, also decreases desire for food, lessening appetite and performs uncoupling actions on fat cells, causing them to be broken down and used as fuel by the body and you to lose weight. So one of the identical hormones produced by our skin when we tan, also suppresses the appetite center of our brains and makes it easier to burn fat for fuel, causing weight loss (2,3).

An Easy Explanation

It makes a lot of sense, our hunter gatherer bodies would perceive winter coming by a shorter period of daylight. Fat serves us equally as a supply of energy during food shortage and as a thermal insulator shielding us against the frosty nights. As the weather warmed and our skin was irritated by extra sunlight, a small chain reaction was started; after all, we needed to shed our layers of fat to be more mobile and help us with the heat loss during summer. If we had not, we would have been at a disadvantage by being sluggish and prone to heat fatique during the hunt. Part of this sequence as well, melanocortin is furthermore able to ramp up your body’s metabolism by causing output of thyroid hormone to amplify(3)."
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