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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hi Folks,
I don't seem to get to SP very much any more. Just thought I'd provide a quick update.

Earthing... I continue to use the Earthing mat each night (it's stretched across the bottom of the bed). I also gravitate to it during the day, have a quick rest and feel refreshed and calmer each time I use it.
Halogen Oven ... I tried it several times, and I've no doubt it does a good job. But it needs to be used enough to be familiar with it. And I found it so heavy that I was afraid I'd drop the glass bowl and break it. So, I've given it to my daughter to experiment with (she's younger and stronger than I)!

Garden Suite... after some lengthy delays, our new small home is coming along, but we're no longer anticipating being in it by Christmas. We look forward to moving in there in 2016 though!
New Health Progress... as of this morning, after reading the book "Medical Medium" I've been pointed in a new direction re my leg issue. According to the author, there are several types of rash and NON-rash shingles. When I read the first non-rash shingles description, well, it fits what I've been dealing with these past 12 years or so. Using the information in book gives me food and supplements to take. But knowing what I do about ThetaHealing, I looked up Shingles and went through the protocol for ridding my body of the virus much more quickly. And today I was walking faster and more sure-footedly (how's that for a word!) than I've moved in a very long time. Onward!!! Thank you, Creator!!
Christmas tree is up at the condo, and at home too. I like the extra light it brings to our homes at this dark time of year! We've had snow now and it looks like it will be melting again in a day or two.
Hubby has new job as of earlier this month; he is enjoying it so far! Children are well too as our their respective partners. And our 'grand-dog' continues to delight us... we miss her during the week and enjoy her enthusiastic welcome-home greeting on the weekend!

To all you good folks in the US ... happy Thanksgiving emoticon on Thursday and stay safe if you venture out on Friday!
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