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Are you REALLY hungry?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How many times have you looked at the clock, and seen that it is noon, and your mind says, oh good, lunch? How many times, when you do that, have you said to yourself, wait, I just had a snack at ten and I am not hungry. If you were like me, not very many.

Because so many of us in this Country have a plethora of food, we don't even know the meaning of being hungry. We don't really know what the cues are from your body that says, hey, you need to feed me. We need to become mindful eaters.

Millions of people in this country go hungry every day. Most of us will never know how that feels. We throw away food, we waste it, and we eat too much.

Today, instead of eating at breakfast, lunch and dinnertime, listen for cues from your body.

The Atkins "Mindful Eating" page lists these BASICS to become a mindful eater:

*B - Breathe and belly check for hunger and satiety before you eat and while you eat. Breathe deeply, and if you don't know about belly breaths, put your hand under your ribs over your belly and feel your belly fill with air. Be aware if you are hungry. This step allows your body to be aware of satiety and when to stop eating...yes, STOP EATING. There are no awards for the "clean plate club"
* I - Investigate your hunger - while you are seated and eating your meal slowly, assess your continued level of hunger. Take some deep belly breaths halfway through your meal. Maybe you don't even like what you are eating. Either way, just stop eating it.
* C - Chew your food thoroughly. Another way to slow down the meal and allow your belly to catch up with what it is receiving. Can you chew every single bite 15 times today? Try it!
* S - Savor your food. Take the time to choose things to eat that you really like. Honor your body and your taste buds with the best flavors. Honor your body by enjoying every single bite.

This sounds simple, but I know I have not done this in my life. I do it now, and eat things I love. I do eat "clean", and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, do not drink alcohol, and enjoy meals, sitting down and eating slowly. I will get even better on this. I also do not eat at a specific time. I try to eat when my body tells me it is time to refuel.

These are all learned behaviors. I knew all about all of this, but never put any of it into practice. I will be doing this forever!!!

Do the BASICS and Spark on.
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