Squashed Pizza or Pizza'd Squash?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I am so grateful for the opportunity to help my grandson's school, by buying seed packs that they offered as a fundraiser. I am thankful that they offered veggie seeds, some even easy to grow! I am thrilled to have harvested 15 (or 17) butternut squash, which happen to be my favourite, amongst other things. I have had enough squash to share with my mom, who's also so grateful, plus more than I need. I also have a land lord who produced insane amounts of squash, and he sells it so cheap. I am fighting a cold and I need to use up the squash and ... I'm not sure I can eat any more squash. If only it tasted more like... pizza! I love pizza! hmmm, so if i take some fully cooked squash, lay on some tomato sauce, sprinkle with cheese, yes, I could have done with some peppers and onions, but it's ok... I just ate a whole butternut squash and half a spaghetti squash, pizzafied. I'd go for more, but I am full! Oh, yes, and far more filling than just squash on its own. BTW, my freezer's full, now, so the squash needs to be used up before it ends up as stored compost. :/ I've also thought of making squash "french fries", but haven't gotten that far, yet. I've turned other veggies into pizza base, before, but felt the need to share this with all who are looking to go gluten free, or to eat more veggies, or to help fight a cold, or to clean out the garden, or... :)
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