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Saturday, November 14, 2015

This is a VERY EARLY beta-test draft of this page to give you an idea of the elements you can select from for the challenge. I will continue building out this page and let you know when it is updated.

Challenge Notes:
1) This will be an ongoing challenge with periodic sub-challenges
2) During this beta-test stage, just pick one or more area that you'd like to work on in any small way. It would be great if this is a new addition to your daily routine. I will add more about each area over time to make this more concrete (for example, I have written about some of these areas in past emails so I'll link to that content).
2a) The idea is that this does not need to be complicated and may only add a few minutes or even seconds to your day (like looking at a goal reminder to stay motivated). But then by growing your understanding of the full system you will be motivated by how those small steps add up and contributed to reaching big goals.
3) I will start a new blog most days to check-in with you. Just make any kind of post in that blog to get "credit" for participation that day. You can share a highlight or anything else. If I don't start a blog on a day, just use the most recent blog. During the beta-test, this "credit" will be like an honor system. Eventually if this builds momentum we'll build checklists for different items so you can earn SparkPoints and possibly make some of the tracking automatic based on other use of the site/apps.
4) As part of the Positive Force cornerstone, it would be great if people participating in this challenge can become SparkFriends and support each other along the way.
5) Please ask any questions or share any comments in this blog. That will help me continually improve this challenge.

Focus Cornerstone
Get clear about your goals so you know where you are headed

1. Goals
* Long-term goals, Medium-term milestones, Short-term action steps -- action step example would be to look at goals daily or more after setting goals according to core values

* Visualization

2. Planning & Productivity
* Use some type of daily planner or checklist to stay on track
* Learn something new
* Complete projects (work or home)
* Organization -- can be 10 minutes at a time as a break from something else

Fitness & Health Cornerstone
Get in the best shape possible both mentally and physically to carry out your goals

1. Exercise -- options include using full fitness tracker, quick track, wearable device, setting exercise goals using daily planner

2. Nutrition -- options include full nutrition tracker, quick track, setting healthy food goals using daily planner

3. Sleep -- track hours of sleep and develop good sleep habits

4. Stress management (connected to emotional eating)

5. Healthy Habits -- flossing and periodically changing furnace filters for example

Fire Cornerstone
Stay passionate and motivated along your journey

1. Motivation -- options include:
* Positive self-talk
* Vision collage
* Journal -- at least write highlight of the day -- this will motivate you to continue looking for more highlights each day
* Listen to motivational song
* Other forms of motivation

The idea is to intentionally build many forms of motivation into your life so you are less likely to fall off track. It's important that you can regularly see some of these motivators (like my tennis racquet is propped against the wall right next to my computer as I type this :)).

2. Personal leadership -- examples include staying on top of finances/budgeting.

Positive Force Cornerstone
Share your energy; get more in return

1. Support and coach others -- including Spreading the Spark. A simple example is to become a SparkFriend to at least one other person participating in this challenge and take small steps to support each other.
2. Lead by example
3. Receive support and coaching

If you are interested, this page shows just a quick overview of the Four Cornerstones and All of the Building Blocks in a list:

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