Life in Recovery, Day #1

Friday, November 13, 2015

I am starting by defining my parameters. Boundaries are a whole other therapeutic exercise, which I will do next blog, but today I am focusing on My food boundaries, and what characteristics and lifestyle choices I need to support those boundaries. I had asked my spark people friends the question to get me started. I ask my special friend for input and had a wonderful conversation. So here goes, my template for life in recovery.
FOOD boundaries:
Life in recovery is teaching me that food is for nourishment. It is being pro-active about eating healthy foods before I am hungry, managing my blood sugars. It is learning to recognize the feeling and concept of *Enough* to sustain my body. It is eating mindfully. I will watch portion sizes, I will plan my menu, and pack my lunch (so meals are planned in advance and NO CHOICE, NO WORRIES -- this is what to eat and I WILL get to eat).
Because I have health restrictions, and certain foods are trigger foods, I will eat a paleo diet. No grains. Limited dairy. Some beans. I would say that I am more a “primal” then strict paleo. I eat dairy, beans, and have artificial sugar in my canned fruit.
Life in recovery is three meals, three snacks. No eating after bedtime. No nighttime eating.

Characteristics: Life in recovery would be eating when hungry and stopping when full. It would mean not turning to food when there is emotional distress and it wouldn't mean using food to bring joy to my life. Recovery would mean not thinking about food, not fixating. It would mean living life and not always stressing about the next bite. Life in recovery is able to take control of myself and use my cognitive thinking wisely. Experiencing the personal empowerment of saying "No...I can make a better choice"
Accepting that if I want health, I am choosing to keep living this way...One Decision At A Time....and that this IS a Lifelong Journey. Life in recovery is mindfulness. It’s honesty. It’s for my, beginning to work the 12 steps.

I HAVE to exercise, something each day. I will work the 12 steps. Life in recovery is attending one meeting a week, attending Mass, for spiritual recovery, as well as reconciliation.
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