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It's Monday....time to fly beyond the rainbow.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Oh my, Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Another Monday, and no flying monkeys or wicked witches are coming your way.

This is a great day to make a committed start on your food and fitness week. It is a great day to erase any blips that came your way this past week, step into your red shoes, and start skipping down that yellow brick road.

I have written about Dorothy and her awesome companions before. I think they are a great analogy for what tools you already have in your arsenal. Because you came here, and know you needed to change, you have the brains of the Scarecrow. Because you loved yourself enough to start this journey, you have the heart of the Tin-man. Because you are continuing and doing the very best you can every day, you have the Lion's courage.

This is a tough journey. It is a journey filled with outside influences that want to try to stop you. There are wicked witches and flying monkeys everywhere, and for some selfish reason, they don't want you to succeed. There are fields of poppies to tempt you, that you have to tiptoe through, and maybe even hold your breath.

There are ways to defend yourself, however. Keep your house free of tempting things that are not good for you, keeps the witches at bay. If you live with people that MUST have junk in your house, ask them to keep it somewhere else, or put in in the fridge in a container that you cannot see through. They're the monkeys, but you're Dorothy. You have courage, remember?

The grocery store is a field of poppies. Navigate it well, and you will leave with your emotional senses intact, and bags of healthy foods. I have to repeat my favorite shopping quote...saying "no" once in the grocery store, saves you a lot of saying "no" at home. Don't bring junk home, and think you will just have one. I know I never could. I don't allow it in the house. If you only have healthy things to eat, that is what you will eat. You have the brains of the Scarecrow to know what is good for you.

Now we come to the wizard. He is a fraud, just like those diet programs that promise instant weight loss, or 20 pounds in a month. The wizard knows just as you and I do, that to make this journey a success, you MUST not diet. You must determine that you are willing to change the way you look at food. You must become your own wizard, imparting wisdom, enouragement and good thoughts always, knowing that you are on a long and lovely yellow brick road to health and fitness. Changing takes brains, heart and courage, all which you have in abundance.

You can get back home. You have all the tools inside you to succeed. You just have to believe.

If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why can't I?

You can.

Spark on.
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