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OK. It's Official. I'm Old... and I'm taking suggestions!

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Don't misunderstand. I love my age! I have earned every one of my 44 years on this wonderful earth! And there is only one alternative to getting old... right? I am good with it.
The issue I have with being officially "old" is this whole "metabolism slowing down thing" that everyone said would happen to me "one day". And the whole "your body starts to rebel" thing that I now realize is also happening.
One day is NOW.
So. I have come up with a plan.
I can no longer assume that weight loss will just happen if I stay within my calorie ranges and exercise. I need to push myself. I need to do the following:
1) Eat in small meals every 3 hours or so to keep my metabolism revved up.
2) Drink green tea DAILY. Hey, research shows that green tea can help boost metabolism and to me it falls under the category of "Well it certainly can't hurt!"
3) Blog more often. When I used to blog more regularly it kept me more focused. I have avoided blogging for a while claiming I just didn't have time. That's just untrue. I have time. If I promise to keep my blogs short and to the point of "health goals only" I will maintain my focus.
4) This is the tough one. No allowing myself those occasional "slips" anymore. At this point in my life they absolutely WILL make a difference.
5) Get a full health workup. I made an appointment with my physician. I just need to make sure that this recent inability to lose weight is not health related... Then I will feel a whole lot better.
I think that sounds good, yes?
Now - If any of you have some great suggestions on how I can add to my new plan
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