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My thoughts on yoga leggings

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

This tends to be a hot topic with people, especially since there was a lady who was blasted on the news for making some big stink about how leggings 'aint' pants (her words). While I have moments that I truly agree with you--i.e. when they are skin tone colored....you are spot on lady....I tend to really enjoy wearing a very supportive, comfortable pair of high quality black leggings with a long boho sweater and boots on a chilly fall day.

I also like to wear yoga leggings to the gym. As in active wear. Like the pair I had from Old Navy were marketed as.

So, I have this pair that I love. Comforting, great waist band, stylish and fitted. I have worn these a number of times in the past two or so years that I have owned them. They are comfy and functional. Great for lounging or the gym. Enough spandex to make me love a great buffet, but enough cotton to keep me honest.

Well, I love like to run in these leggings like I was doing the other day. Hitting my stride at about 5 miles. I decide that it would be a good time to go lift things up and put them down, so I head upstairs to the iron playground. It's leg day. I like this day. Fun, lots of weight, good focus on form. So, I'm doing my workout. Not enjoying every minute of it, but you know, enough to stay working hard.

Fast forward to the squat machine. I like to do the open rack. I feel more bad-A without the support of the smith machine. I'm in my set. I'm feeling good. Solid pair of 45s on my bar. Squatting with great form, nice and low!! I'm in my stance, I drop down in my last set, slowly, purposefully, with lots of intention!!!! Thats when I hear it.....


emoticon emoticon emoticon

Did that just happen? I, like, almost had to question my own surroundings for a moment. Maybe I was dreaming because I am pretty sure that if I am not, the entire weight room just saw a full moon in broad daylight.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Sure enough, as I gracefully as possible flipped my body around to hide my bare tushy (only to have it facing the mirrors) I slid my hand back there and realized that I had successfully split my beloved yoga leggings from the waistband clear down to the inner thighs. You.HAVE.Got.To.Be.Kidding.Me. This is a bad dream. This seriously did not happen to me just now. Quickly as ever, I ripped my shirt off like a scene out of Baywatch and strategically tucked it into my waist band to conceal some of the dignity that I had just lost.

I began to frantically scan the room with my eyes to see just how many people may have just witnessed my mishap---shot to moon, so to speak. Of the nearly 20 adult men up there, I am pretty confident that at least 66% saw more than they ever bargained for that day.

I slipped out of the gym as quickly as I could, almost feeling the need to take a bow before exiting far less gracefully as I had entered that day, and sat in my car for a solid ten minutes recalling what just happened. Apparently all the running I do where my thighs tend to applaud me was too much for these yoga leggings to bear. The spandex had had enough and was done. I didn't think the seams were screaming, but apparently that squat had something different in mind.

And I must tell you all---I did not rerack my weights.....

Peace and love all---and lots of laughs at my expense.

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