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Sunday, November 01, 2015

The habit of adding habits did not work ;-)

Mostly because I ran out of ideas of habits that I really wanted, there were many things that I "ought to" but my heart was not in it.

But now I have an idea that inspires me ...
Background: I have learned that logistics is very important to me because as soon as something gets a little bit tricky, does not run well in my daily "flow" ets. I tend not to do it. Exercise is one of the areas where I have spent a lot of time trying to find the right way to prepare. First - unless it is a "joint venture" I need to do the exercise in the morning, my energy lasts until... two o clock after lunch, if I have not done the exercise before that it will not be done...
Second: I have read the suggestion to sleep in the exercise clothes to make it easy to get going – that is sort of repulsive to me and a last resort if nothing else works.
So I have this bag packed with exercise stuff - borth swim gear and exercise as the gym and indoor arena is at the sam place.
Exercise clothes, swimsuit, soap and towel is obvious but other stuff needs to be brought too.
Necessary things ar e padlock and passcard for one of the places and a key bracelet for the other. The later I keep in my car because the car is always with me . It is not convenient to keep it in the bag becasue I need it to pass out of the arena too and when I am on my way out my bag is already closed and I don´t want to pause to pack the bracelet...
In also need my swim clock, ear plugs, headband too keep the earplugs in place, snorkel and swimglasses if I am to practice crawl.
It is also good to bring a plastic bag for the wet swimsuit and when I exercise first thing I also bring clean underwear.

And when I come home I rarely forget to hang the swimsuit and towel to dry but it happens that I forget to put the dirty underwear in the laundry basket and the plastic bag – that I remove and turn to let it dry - I almost always forget to put back in the bag...

So the new habit is to pack the bag every night before I go to bed - wether I plan to go exercising or not... by that time my swimsuit is dry as the towel and if I hav forgotten to take out the dirty underwear this is an extra opportunity.

It´s not as easy that I can do this after exercise - sometimes I continue to work and the bag stays in my car until I get home (and it happens that I forget to take it inside)

I suppose I sound a little silly to put this much thought into a simple thing as packing exercise gear but my sick mind looks for all possible excuses not to exercise so this is a way to secure that I can succeed in doing what I want to although I have not the right energy at all times...

I started taking this subject seriously when I went shopping for a new exercise bag - so far I have used bags I already have and the have not had enough compartments, the have been to "deep" or hard to fit in the locker. I made a checklist of qualities I needed and went through quite a lot of bags before I found the best one...

Another advantage of trying to incorporate this new habit is that it might be a start for getting my evenings more organized, I have failed with that so far, I am probably too tired to stick to a plan... but this feels inspiring and not too hard so I am looking forward to try!

And today daughter and me are rearranging our livingroom - we need a practice space for hula hooping, we need teve space, we need the piano in a good place and the air heat pump I installed last summer limits our possibilities also.... A lot of exercise moving book shelves, piano and sofas around!
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    You did add some habits, didn't you? It may be too harsh to say it didn't work.

    I'm right with you in the importance of taking care of all those little details to make things work. I used to go to the gym each morning before work -- once I was forced to change my work hours, I just couldn't make that routine work for me. I've managed other things, but not the routine that was successful for a long time.

    Maybe one solution would be to have several plastic bags -- they don't take up much room. An extra swimsuit and towel to rotate could be worth the investment, as well.

    I wish you all the best! emoticon
    1856 days ago
    I used to do the same thing when I worked Cecelia. I always kept a packed gym bag in my car; having to go home for gear would be enough for me to pull the plug and not go back out. My habit was to have doubles of those things that needed drying time. I would repack the bag as soon as I got home and put it back in the car; the go from work to the gym. Morning exercise-just 10 minutes that I'm trying to get back to- was a combination of abs/core/yoga- was done in my pajamas before showering and dressing for the day. Building those things into my daily routine of habits did work. As did always making my bed before I dressed. That 2 minute routine has stuck; I love climbing into a made bed at the end of the day. If a habit is not rewarding you in some way; it won't stick--and I'm not sure it should. Life it too short! Hugs.

    1856 days ago
    I know exactly what you are talking about!! I too need to complete my exercise first thing in the morning, which means I need to have my gym back ready the night before - with my work clothes packed for the day. Some evenings, I don't feel like planing my clothes in advance. I think we just need to keep at it and one day it will be something we just do each evening.
    1856 days ago
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    I agree with you, making it as easy as possible to exercise is a good idea.
    1856 days ago
    Good for you
    1856 days ago
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