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Sunday Sparkpoetry -- Poems to be Penned

Sunday, November 01, 2015

So within a month, I will be following maintenance here
I'm reading the Beck book now, to make it crystal clear
that I won't ever stop my pace, and I have no fear
I will keep myself on track, and keep myself in gear

This is an interesting premise, good health forever more
I am pretty excited to have my maintenance to explore
And I am willing to commit to this, it will not be a chore
Good health and fitness for me, are just things I adore

So, if you're struggling here, and cannot find your way
It is a common occurrence, there's no time for dismay
Taking it step by step, day by day, is really no cliche
Sometimes, a propensity to overeat is in our DNA

Don't ever let a brief lapse become a derailing careen
Just get right back on your plan, and stick to your routine
There is no need to panic, forgive and don't demean
You know you've got this, you're never mean, just lean

I hope that Halloween candy didn't even call your name
If you had some, forget it and stop now with the blame
Get back to your plan today, it's your progress to reclaim
Because a detour on your path is not a time for shame

Great awards for a lot of you on October's consistency
So many of you work so hard, and track as I can see
Commit this month to becoming a bigger Spark devotee
By December, you're hot on track and really filled with glee

Thanks once again, to each and every Spark friend
You have inspired me daily, to follow your healthy trend
I will be here in maintenance, this is really what I intend
I will stay as long as I need, there are poems to be penned

Spark on.
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