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Keep Calm and Spook/Spark on

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

My costume for today is some gym clothes, and I am going out as the new, improved me. Well, I'm going to the gym anyway!!

A few of you got the impression that I am already IN maintenance, and that is just not true. I hope to be there within the month, but I have not finished the first segment of this journey, YET!

As I mentioned the other day, I got the Beck book. (The Beck Diet Solution...train your brain to think like a thin person Judith S. Beck Ph.D.)

I am starting to think that maybe we all need to read this book. I am reading this very slowly, and really taking all of her words to heart.

One of the things she starts with, is that she will never use the word "cheat", as in "cheating" on your diet. Here's what she says about that word:

"Too many dieters have an all-or-nothing thoughts about their eating: ""Either I'm perfect on this diet or I've cheated...If I've cheated, I've blown it -- I may as well continue to cheat for the rest of the day/week/month/year.""

Here's what she THINKS you should say to yourself:
"Okay, so I ate something I didn't plan to eat, or I ate more than I was supposed to. It was just a mistake, no big deal...I will get back on track for the rest of the day".

Hopefully us Sparkers are already using scenario B!!

We are all heading into what I would think would be the most dangerous part of the year for us healthy eaters. Starting with Halloween and it's infernal candy, then moving onto Thanksgiving and all the casseroles, pies, gravy, etc. Then, Christmas with all the goodies everyone bakes, fattening and useless calories everywhere.

This is the EXACT right time to arm yourself with a really positive and impermeable shield. If you have the tools to say no, if you are so determined that no food will ever taste as good as you feel, and you know exactly what you can eat, and the approximate calories, you will be able to sail through this time of year, and just enjoy it for what it truly is for....time with families and friends.

Beck and I are going to take this Season by storm. I am going out to California to visit my parents for Christmas, and I am so excited to be able to go out there on maintenance and blow them away, in a good way. I cannot wait to see them!

Keep calm and spook/Spark on.
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  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    emoticon may you have a great Holiday and stay strong on your new journey!! emoticon
    1994 days ago
    Such great advice. It's funny how I can really dread the "social confrontations" when someone offers me a calorie-laden treat. The truth is that most of the time when you say "No, thank you", the moment is over in a second. Why do I build it up so much in my mind, giving the food so much power. Our minds are so much more powerful, in truth!
    1995 days ago
  • 52BINCE
    I agree and I to am on your page for health n fitness... looking forward to hearing more about your progress......All will be inspired......
    1995 days ago
    This has been my mantra since I reached my first goal weight - when I eat something I shouldn't, I just say ok, time to get back on track. I track EVERYTHING, including the things that make me feel guilty. I am accountable, and I keep everything in balance. Overeating on one meal means cutting back the next to make sure the daily goals are met. It's all good!

    I'm so excited for you going to visit your folks. I know that there will be a big reunion with lots of hugs and expressions of amazement. You are amazing, Jane, and that is AWESOME!

    Keep Sparking, my friend.
    1996 days ago
    good plans for getting thru the holidays~
    1996 days ago
    I think you make some very valid points. Can I borrow some of your force field to shield me from bad food? Actually I gave out Fruit Treats instead of candy. Some of the kids were really excited. I don't think they are the healthiest choice, but it is surely better than candy.

    Have a great evening Jane.
    1996 days ago
    So very true. Many people fall prey to the "I've blown it" attitude and just decide to start fresh at another time instead of just putting that setback behind them and starting over right then and there!
    1996 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Another emoticon blog!

    When you eat to live, you make wise choices. You eat foods that nourish your body, are appetizing and make your taste buds happy.

    When you live to eat, you tend to make choices that leave you craving more. You eat sugary, fatty and salty foods, that don't nourish your body and leave your taste buds saying, we want a deep fried Snickers Bar emoticon

    1996 days ago
    I was just looking at Beck's strategies for eating out and going on holiday again, they are so very useful. Glad you are findin it enlightening, Like you, l think everyone seeking to lose weight should get right through this book at least once. It is a great adjunct to any diet.
    1996 days ago
    Good suggestions and advice. Yes this is a hard time of the year for those of us who have cravings, low resistance, binging habits etc. From now to January 1 it will be a challenge to resist all the good food that abounds at this time of the year. I am really working hard to be strong and resist. But with spark buddies to support our efforts I know we can do it!!!!
    1996 days ago
    this is the time of year when we need some good advice the most!
    I'm glad you are enjoying the book : )
    1996 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1996 days ago
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog and THANK YOU for the tip on the Beck book! I just ordered it on Amazon and can't wait to get it! True, holidays can be rough but we have new tools to get us thru!
    1996 days ago
    We don't have thanksgiving here in the UK. We do have 'harvest festival' which is generally celebrated in Schools and Churches around the end of September. I like to sort of celebrate harvest festival at home a little later [as in around this time of year] by making sure to buy lots of in season veg etc and preserving and freezing ready for the winter months.
    1997 days ago
    Oh Yes ...... I plan to Stay calm and SPOOK on! ........ And my costume for the morning is also Gym clothes! ............... emoticon ........ I love it that we seem to be on the same page (or maybe chapter in Beck) ............I too am digesting as I read, rather than speed reading and gulping the info down. (I do have one strong opening confession) on the fridge that starts my day and my motor! ............. (And since I began the book, I have been talking to my mind and body ........ of how it is and NO sabotaging from the Peanut gallery! ............ emoticon I am proud as Friday coming home from shopping, my DH asked me if I wanted an ice cream cone ................ I though for one nano second and politely said, "No thanks." .......... And last night I sat calm and spook free and resisted the urge to munch and crunch on air popped popcorn. Onward......Upward we go! Thanks for a WONDERFUL blog.......... Love it .......... I like how you summarized the first part! emoticon
    1997 days ago
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