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Been there, done that? Heading to maintenance with Beck.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I have been there, and I have done weight loss failures too many times to count. Apparently, I never learned. I truly believe I have learned now. Someone asked me yesterday about maintenance. MAINTENANCE? Oh, boy. I was so focused on this journey and being successful, and knowing that I was heading into a new life that I really never thought about maintenance.

I have heard here many times, people discussing the "Beck book". Because I want to always have control over food as I do now, I bought it for my Kindle. I started reading it last night, in between a mystery novel I was finishing.

Right at the beginning of this book, Beck has some quotes from her successful graduates:

* I can control my eating if I plan in advance what I need to do and if I practice what I need to say over and over to myself.

* When I'm tempted to eat something I shouldn't, I need to pull out my list that contains all the reasons I want to lose weight.

* Just because I am hungry doesn't necessarily mean that I should eat.

* Cravings always go away, and there are things I can do to make them go away faster. I won't give into them.

* Eating a reasonable breakfast and lunch is important so I won't overeat at night.

Just reading these quotes made me understand that this was a different kind of weight loss book, just like Spark is a different kind of weight loss program. Beck is trying to change your outlook forever, just like Spark is.

As we all know, and I have mentioned many times, this is not a diet. If you think of this as a diet, you will not succeed. You have got to change the way you look at food. I know I have and have become a pain-in-the-neck, rattling off calories, and reading all the nutrition boxes on everything...just ask my daughter.

My Daughter's BF made a pizza last night after work. I had just made my awesome burritos and said, why don't you have a burrito? Her boyfriend said "they are too healthy". I laughed out loud. So, after he had cooked the pizza in the oven, the box was left on the counter (I will pick it all up in the morning, OK?...ummmm, OK???..still there) and I had to look at the nutrition box. 1 pizza, 1700 calories. He pretty much ate the whole thing. I had to just shake my head.

Oh, I have a cool addendum to that...this morning, my Daughter was in the kitchen making coffee and I came in to get my water bottle. I asked her how the pizza was, and if the Timberwolves won. Yes, they won!! No, she didn't eat ANY of that "stupid" pizza. She had a burrito!! "And, Mom, they are great!!" YIPPEE!!!

So, back to Beck. I am going to read this, do all the mental exercises, and be really prepared to go to maintenance. I have joined Kriszta's maintenance club (thanks, Kriszta), and will be reading it for information on how others did this. This means you, Steve.

Someone just asked me "what Beck book?" This one:
The Beck Diet Solution...train your brain to think like a thin person.
Judith S. Beck Ph.D.

I intend on succeeding on maintenance just as I have succeeded on Spark.

Thanks to all of you for the support that has inspired me every single day.

Spark on.

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    I will tell you (because you called me out on this!!!!) that maintenance isn't that much different from the weight loss mode. The only thing that changes is what doesn't change - the number on the scale. Well, it might vary, but it doesn't change. And when you weight yourself after a week, or a month, and the number stays the same, you feel just as amazing as you did when you had lost a pound in weight-loss mode.

    Because the truth is, you've already learned what you need to know to be successful in maintenance. And you've learned that we can't do this without support, without tracking, without exercise, and without the self-confidence to believe that we can do this. Blogging about maintenance is just as awesome as blogging about the earlier stages of the journey. It's still a journey, and it's still amazing!

    I love maintenance mode. I might go up a pound, I might drop a pound. But it's not 20 pounds I'm gaining and losing, and my focus is still as clear and resolute as it was before. I'm still exercising at full capacity (and as it gets easier, I'm still looking for more intensity routines). This is an amazing time for you, and you know what?


    Tell MF that she needs to keep eating those burritos! And I just hope that Tanner has the metabolism of a 20-something and can burn off that 1700-calorie pizza in 20 minutes! At least there wasn't anything left but the box!

    XOXOX Jane - you are AWESOME!

    Keep SPARKING!
    1999 days ago
    You just keep sounding like you have it all figured out Jane, and what you don't have figured out you are seeking the answers for. I like that about you.
    1999 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1999 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Maintenance is a journey in itself and everything that I learned here while losing weight helped me to stay in maintenance and not gain the weight again. It is too hard to lose so I vowed this was the last time I was going to lose it and with determination, willpower and SP, I know we can succeed! All the best on your continued journey and welcome to the maintenance team! It is awesome! emoticon
    1999 days ago
    Way to go Jane, you stuck with it, stayed true to yourself, and now you are in maintenance! Do you think we could get a before and after pic?
    1999 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Another mother/daughter emoticon moment!

    Thanks for sharing the Beck connection.....next stop Amazon emoticon
    1999 days ago
    Kudos to you for doing an awesome job!
    1999 days ago
    emoticon to the maintenance team, Jane!
    I'm glad you joined!
    Maintenance is a mind game, and the Beck book is a wonderful help.

    1999 days ago
    Jane you advice is so important for us all. Thanks you for the words of wisdom. All your thoughts are exactly what weneed to hereday in and out. Your son in law also needs to try out your burrito. I´m sure he would love it! emoticon
    2000 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    thank you for the great advice, I'll look into the book emoticon
    2000 days ago
    How exciting, setting off on your first time through. I have to say, that Trek gave this Beck newbie so much momentum. And what good sense joining the maintenance team, I did it too, last time I was approaching goal. This time will be the trick.
    2000 days ago
    Love the quote at the top emoticon
    I feel as though I HAVE learned this time around. It really is a lifestyle change, and the things I'm 'giving up' are nowhere near as satisfying as the things I'm gaining. It sounds as though you feel that way too, so I know you'll do a great job with maintenance!!

    P.S. Yay to awesome burritos, boo to stupid pizza!
    2000 days ago
    only 2 people in our household...and only 1 cares anything about putting effort in to get healthy.

    but I cannot change DH. He's an adult. I don't nag. I cook healthy stuff. I ask if he wants to go for a walk or to the gym with me. End of story.

    2000 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    I am a recent member of the Judith S. Beck, PhD, Fan Club, having just read through the entire book along with many others on the Beck Diet Solution Team Reboot of August-October 2015. Turns out that the folks doing this were a mixture of veteran Beckers and newbies. I actually purchased the book over a year ago but thought it looked like too much work. By day 7 I was looking forward to the next day.

    In January there will be folks working the Beck blue book.
    2000 days ago
    Wow--Love this blog! ......... So glad you shared! .............. emoticon
    2000 days ago
    That's some good advice from Beck, thank u 4 sharing!
    2000 days ago
    IT is hard when we're on the path of healthy lifestyle when others in our environment are not. But Beck is a smart cookie. Glad you got the book.

    Have to say OH WELL, OH WELL. YOU are practicing a healthy lifestyle and that's what counts.
    2000 days ago
    2000 days ago
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