Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First: I have my doctors permission and even encouragement to follow the 12 weeks of VLCD and LCD (500 kcal three weeks, 800 kcal nine weeks) that starts the two-year commitment I have made. My blood and other tests shows now problems and I have felt no dizziness, nausea or even lack of energy during the ten weeks I have done so far (it may be because after the three first weeks I have not managed to stick with the program, but my efforts results in a much better result than if I had not tried at all)

Second: Through that commitment I have a personal coach, a workshop with a group every fortnight and a personal trainer to help me with the exercise program. I am supervised and feel safe with it.

Third: Research has shown that an initial weight loss increases the chances to reach the goal and maintain afterwards. Given you are healthy - and I am - and work with supervision it should be safe, my feeling with this is that it is a serious program.

Fourth - I am not losing any muscle mass so far, on the contrary as it is also in the program to exercise and build muscles.

Fifth: The state I was in before I did those three weeks was the worst state I have been in ever, not true,it was worse during chemotherapy ten years ago. I am so grateful that I got help to leave that condition, I just hope that I will manage to struggle along and become even healthier.

Sixth: Those of you that have followed me during my years on Spark knows that I have not been idle, I have tried to find and learn how to recover from my compulsive overeating. I do not think that I have found the right path yet, but with every new thing I try, I learn something useful for the future - which leads to the two things this project has brought so far:

One: I am allowed to use my own experiences and knowledge to adjust any program I decide to try. Before I have tried to go "all-in" and do exactly as I have been told, today I have so much knowledge about the subject and about my own body that I know what I can do and what I can not. I still make mistakes but when I do I realize it very soon and try do right what went wrong.

Two: There is no "law" as to how many times you should eat in a day. The 5:2 and 16:8 diets are only other ideas of what is a good way of getting your nutrition. I am for the moment experimenting over how many times a day it suits me and my life to eat and also how much I need to eat at those meals to stay happy and strong.

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    I'm glad you have medical supervision and exercise guidance.

    Keep in mind, we who have followed you for years CARE about you. We are only expressing that care a and concern - not judgement. We all wish you the best.
    1859 days ago

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    I looked back at your previous blog and think I understand what inspired this one.

    I wish you continued success with your program. emoticon
    1859 days ago
    emoticon You've got this! Your thinking is sound! I seriously break so many rules and still manage to make healthy choices that suit MY lifestyle. If I'm not happy doing it, I won't continue to do it! If I don't like the taste of it, I'm not going to eat it! I will not feel deprived.
    On the flip side, I've filled my life with things I enjoy more than eating; I don't eat for comfort or recreation---or even socialization. In social situations I can pull it off by focusing on other people. Even at 73 I can hop up and get that, plate, coffee etc. for someone less able to get around! Help serve, etc. Being the family photographer helps too; can't walk around eating and taking pictures!
    Sure, I have trigger foods; I don't keep them in the house! But, yes- tis the season and I will enjoy that piece of pumpkin pie when I go out. MY ONE RULE: No mindless eating! Hugs.
    1860 days ago
    I am glad you have a Dr. approve of this and also you have coaches and trainers
    I know you have a good head on your shoulders ,so you will be fine.
    1860 days ago
    I'm glad you have so much supervision under this program. That is important!
    1860 days ago
    Oh, I hear you. I just replied to your previous blog. You know there are TONS of opinions and methods regarding how to eat and they all contradict one another.

    As I said in my other comment, I chose a very different route but I too can feel VERY tempted to try to do a 'rigourous' eating style (such as plant based eating) and I believe that eating that way is very good for the body. In that sense it's hard for me now to follow rules made by the BED treatment center, eating foods THEY think are healthy (but I don't).

    If I learned one thing it is that every person is different and the reasons why a person is overweight, or why they struggle with losing weight, are SO different. You should do what you think will work for you and as you said, no matter what, you will be learning new things and getting new insights!

    1860 days ago
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