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When your body speaks, do you listen?

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Monday, October 26, 2015

I've often heard people say especially on the health circuit that it's good to listen to your body. I really didn't give it much thought when I would hear that. Well yesterday I had my emoticon moment. You know, that "aha moment" when it all makes sense to you.

For the past few weeks now, I have been consciously making healthier food choices and as a result, I have been sleeping better, having more energy not only when I wake up from sleeping but throughout the day, not to mention, I had stop feeling bloated which I had been feeling like that for so long that I honestly didn't know what it felt like to not feel bloated.

So, yesterday I really was craving some Cream of Wheat, which by the why is my favorite cereal. I had not eaten any in several months and so I decided that I would give into my craving. I must admit, I did overindulged because I clearly had more then one serving along with my favorite sweetener raw Stevia and boy didn't I pay for it later on.

When I opened my eye from sleeping, I felt crappy; I didn't feel energetic like I had been for weeks and my stomach felt full like the cereal was just sitting there. I immediately knew that the way I was feeling was the results of what I put into my body. Now I'm not trying to say that Cream of Wheat is bad for you because in the few articles that I've read on it, it's' actually suppose to have good health benefits if eaten in moderation however, I will say that my BODY did let me know that for me, it wasn't a good food choice. I hadn't realize before this blog post that I actually felt the same way the last time I ate this cereal. You know, I actually was saying to myself that I would be glad when it does pass through so that I could start feeling good and energetic again.

This blog is not really about one particular food or just about my experience but hopeful just encouragement to others on this healthier lifestyle journey to really listen to your body each time you put something in it. If you listen to your own body, I truly believe that it won't steer you wrong.

My new motto:


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo SNOOKYBELLROSE2
    I do agree with the moderration thing.....maybe if we had done that all along we would all feel better....thanks for the reminder....
    1733 days ago
    listen to your body great way to go thanks for sharing
    1912 days ago
    It's weird how different foods work for different people. The best choice I could make for breakfast IS cream of wheat. Nothing else seems to keep me full for long. I eat one serving with cinnamon; no sugar. I have realized that because I like to put cinnamon into my cream of wheat, I cannot taste the difference when I omit the sugar. Always listen to your body!
    1916 days ago
  • HETZ51
    Always a good idea to listen to your body. Man, I hate listening to mine because it usually speaks truth whether or not I want to "hear" it.
    1917 days ago
  • QUAIL75
    1920 days ago
    emoticon idea. It is called the wisdom of the body.
    1920 days ago
  • no profile photo ROBERTJEFFERS5
    1921 days ago
    I guess it is a process of being mindful. tonight I drank some chamomile tea to relax. I really thought it was a good choice rather than drinking another coffee just to stay awake. Maybe my body is telling me that i need rest.
    1922 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15536563
    emoticon Listen,. Moderation, paying attention to how different foods affect us as individuals as we are all different. Good Blog. emoticon
    1924 days ago
    Great Point!! emoticon
    1924 days ago
  • TKD_2D
    great blog...it has taken me 20 years to figure out my body was telling me i am allergic to what i am eating...however, i found out, that it was not the actual foods i was eating, but the preservatives in them...i have only shopped the outside of the stores...if it comes in a box a bag a can or a jar i do not eat it...i would offer a little advice...i would make sure it was the cream of wheat that caused the issue for you...sounds to me it more than likely was the stevia...that too...altho it says it is "natural" is also "processed"...and some of the way our foods are processed can be more harm than good...good luck in your endevour!!
    1925 days ago
    I guess now that I think about it I have never had to listen to my body I was always an advocate for eating healthy exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle. However over the past 5 years I have been hit with one health issue after the next due to many other personal and professional situations, I stopped putting my body first. I was faced with what is considered to be medical weight gain after medical weight gain I was faced with emotional weight gain. I went from a healthy weight of 120 to 226 pound. I have been fighting non stop to lose that weight and get back to my healthy body weight. More so than ever before I have begun to listen to my body. My body is screaming for release while I have lost some of that 226 pounds I am still fighting to lose another 50 just to get back to a healthy body weight. It is hard it is sad it is emotionally draining. But I will continue the fight I will not fail my body! emoticon
    1925 days ago
  • YICHE12
    True words!!!
    1925 days ago
    1925 days ago
    1925 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Congrats on the featured blog. Yes, our body does speak to us, we do need to listen .
    1925 days ago
    Good for you for listening to your body and how different foods make you feel. I've cut out wheat and I feel so much better. It's (almost) everywhere so it isn't easy but I do feel so much better. Despite what "they" say. the cheap stuff we call wheat today, even the whole grain stuff, really isn't good for us - well, not good for me. You just might want to consider the wheat issue. emoticon
    1925 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/21/2015 3:08:30 PM
  • JIBBIE49
    Week of 11/19/2015 - Featured Blog Post

    When Your Body Speaks, Do You Listen?

    Great to see your blog featured in the Spark mail.
    1925 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon It doesn't have to be just cream of wheat. Any food can sneak up on you speak loudly. I have all kinds of foods that like to beat me up. Usually it is diary. Oh my it's listen to a craving and deal with the aftermath later. emoticon emoticon
    1925 days ago
  • UNIQUE55
    Everything is always best in moderation!!!
    Some days, i am not so good at remembering that myself!!!
    1925 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    It is great that you learned such a valuable lesson from this experience. It is so true that our body feels different when putting in some foods vs others and the amount of it as well. Congrats on being featured blog!
    Keep up the great work! Spark on and have a great weekend!
    1926 days ago
    I don't agree with listening to my body, why it telling me not to exercise. everyday.
    Now , foods you need to be careful.
    1926 days ago
    Listening and observing what our bodies are saying is such a good idea. Mine tells me that peanut butter is better for me than cheese and I LOVE cheese. Mine tells me veggies are better than whole grains. Mine tells me to eat some beef, doesn't have to be a lot, every week.

    1926 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1926 days ago
  • BUB001
    Your body is the most intricate "computer" known to us. It tells us when we're not feeling well, desire a particular food, have over eaten or not, if we've exercised or not, have over exercised, and many other similar facts.
    1926 days ago
    I totally agree! I have cut back A LOT on sugar so much as well as white flour - or any type of wheat flour and I wasn't bloated and sleeping better just as you said and also my joints weren't aching so much - back, knees & legs and I had more energy!!! Well I found some cookies that were made from all of these culprits that I found in my freezer when I cleaned it out and like you said, "BOY am I paying for it yesterday and today! NO MORE for me thank you! Back to healthier eating. YES, I do listen to my body!!! GREAT post!

    emoticon emoticon
    1926 days ago
    clearly I too need to pay more attention and listen to my body, thanks for the wake up
    1926 days ago
    Well said. emoticon
    1926 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11085420
    Well said! This is a lesson we all need to be reminded about. Keep losing listening! You'll be surprised what wonderful things your body will tell you! 😃😃😃
    1926 days ago
    What a great blog! Thanks for sharing...

    It seems like the more we learn how to listen to what our body is saying, the better off we are for it! I agree with you, that each person's body is unique and reacts to things in it's own way. Some things are better for some people than for others, and we just have to listen to what our body tells us is best for us.

    Way to go! Keep on listening, and the journey towards the goals you have set will be even more successful!! Health and happiness is ours to grasp!
    1926 days ago
    So true. I have realized that the days I neglect my better eating habits are the days I feel sluggish and so tired. I'm working on making fewer bad choices and it's paying off.
    1927 days ago
    I have learned especially over the last two years It is best to listen when the body whispers not so much screams at me . Mine is really more fitness related than food. But a little pain in fitness is like your tummy saying i dont need any more and you might want to back off some . This is a wonderful blog thank you for your sharing it .
    1927 days ago
    I get e-mails from my dad all the time saying he ate cheesecake and was "paying for it" (he's lactose intolerant). As for me, I'm one of those that doesn't relax, always have to be doing something. So when my body needs to take a break, I get a migraine. That's the one thing that will ground me and I'm not going anywhere, no matter what. Thanks for sharing!
    1927 days ago
    1927 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15469344
    1927 days ago
    I also learned this lesson today, to listen to your body.
    1927 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1927 days ago
    I do so agree with you, and all power to you going forward! Unfortunately, when my body speaks ("want chocolate", "want glass of wine", "want salted peanuts", etc.) I tend to listen and obey -- with unfortunate consequences...!
    1927 days ago
    emoticon for the great advice.
    1927 days ago
    Well Said. One of Life's lessons is to listen to your body! Eating in moderation is key too!

    Good Luck in your journey!

    1927 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15894016
    I am learning that as well...I just started trying to make better choices and then I decided I was going to have a cheat day. I didn't enjoy it and felt horrible. Lesson learned.
    1927 days ago
    I have been trying to listen to my body when it speaks, especially when I am not feeling well. I'm trying not to push myself so hard during this time. Good for you for listening to your body!
    1927 days ago
  • PMT530
    well said. I agree with you. emoticon emoticon
    1927 days ago
    emoticon emoticon My body let me know that milk is not something it likes. I WILL LISTEN!
    1927 days ago
  • _LINDA
    emoticon emoticon
    emoticon on your aha moment!
    Listening to your body goes for all things really, when you exercise, when you need sleep, when you have had enough of doing something. Its this mindfulness that helps us stay on the road to a healthy lifestyle because you just feel so much better!
    Keep up the great work!
    PS: Have you ever been tested for gluten intolerance? Just a thought..
    1927 days ago
    I had that moment last Saturday morning after allowing my husband to convince me into eating pizza Friday night. Oh I had 2.5 pieces and from the moment after I tool my last bite until I went to the gym the next day I felt so gross and sluggish. I had really bad heartburn through the night and uncomfortable sleep. It was one of those moments where I thought to myself it really wasn't worth all the energy and effort that I have consciously been working on, to have one night of poor judgement on what I eat for dinner. It's crazy after we start our journey how different we start to look at food and other stuff we put in or body.

    Good blog to relate to.

    Thanks emoticon
    1927 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/19/2015 3:24:07 PM
  • VEG954
    1927 days ago
    I had a exercise ah ha moment that taught me the same lesson! But you have just reinforced it with your wonderful blog. Thank you for the reminder!!
    1927 days ago
  • MEMA328
    I haven't had Cream of Wheat in such a long time - I, too love it! But I know exactly what you mean about feeling bloated when I don't eat properly or just eat a bit more sweets than I should. All things in moderation. Thanks for writing this and reminding me to keep listening to my body!! Great Blog! emoticon
    1927 days ago
    Foods affect each of us differently. Look at your body as a giant, walking science experiment. Watch how all different foods and cuisines affect your weight and how you feel. I know that Chinese will cause a 3# uptick on the scales the next day. Same for popcorn. And even if eating the same number of calories, if I eat a piece of cake, a donut or other sweet carbs, I am looking at 5# of bloat. It is interesting and can make the lying scales a little more tolerable !
    1927 days ago
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