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Day 328 - The Water Streak

Saturday, October 24, 2015

So today I got a Spark Streaker award for consuming at least 8 glasses of water for 300 days. The thing is, I've been drinking that much water since I started Sparking back in November, but there was a day where I didn't update the tracker properly. So the count is off. Spark won't let you go back to a day more than 30 (or maybe it's 60) days back, so there is no way to fix the error. So the streaker award isn't really valid, and so I don't accept it.

It's like that day where I transposed the calories and minutes in my exercise, and suddenly had 300 minutes of exercise when it was only supposed to be 30. Even though I deleted the exercise from the tracker and re-entered it correctly, as far as Spark was concerned, I did 5 hours of exercise in one day and it was never going to forget. I felt guilty getting all those congratulatory messages from my Spark feed, but what was I going to do???

There is a lot about Spark that I would change if I were running their programming department. But I'm not, and the leadership has no interest in the feedback of the membership. That's fine. I'm not paying anything for the use of this service (and trust me, I would pay if I thought that my contribution was sincerely appreciated). I have gained so much from this site, and the best I can do to give back is to let others know that it exists and hope that other people find value and success by starting their journey by Sparking.

So I will just say that I am successful because SP showed me how to be successful. I have now maintained my weight loss goal for nearly 7 months (just one more week to go). I feel amazing, look amazing, and am amazing, because I have learned the Spark way.

Don't congratulate me for 300 days of drinking 8 glasses of water. Congratulate me on 340 days of Sparking (I missed logging in on Thanksgiving day last year, which started the count over just 12 days after I started - I've learned my lesson!) and the amazing journey that I'm on. It's not over. In fact, it's just beginning. And there are many people now walking this journey with me. This journey is amazing, and what's even better is that I have friends to share it with.

So thank you for being on this journey with me. Keep Sparking, friends, and enjoy every success you accomplish!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You have come such a long way. You are a mentore. You give us all so much strength. We thank you for your encouraging blogs .

    I woke up today at 6am and I did 3 miles of Lesley Sansom arobics walking. Had my great shower and my day has been a sucess! Today I made a great barbeque for my famly with healthy vegetables and grilled beefs. They allloved it.

    Have a great Sunday Steve.

    Love your sp friend Maria. emoticon
    2004 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15118206
    Drinking water is like breathing for me. But, more often than not, I forget to track it.
    Your diligence and discipline is nothing short of amazing!!!
    2004 days ago
    drinking water is a no-brainer for me...I ALWAYS drink at least a half gallon of water every day.

    I started advance tracking my water for the week. On Saturday or Sunday, when I have a few minutes, I'll go ahead & track my water for the week. That's kept me from missing that streak again.

    hope the rest of your weekend is nce!
    2005 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Frustrations and complaints are valid and I have a few of my own. But can you imagine what Spark would be like if every Sparker sent in a complaint or change they would like to see made?
    So we take all the things that make this site great and we groan when something we really like is changed or removed completely and we get on with getting healthier and happier and make great friends along the way. Sounds a lot like life!

    The secret, if there is one, is to use SparkPeople to ignite your inner spark emoticon
    2005 days ago
    The man stands on the chair and is applauding! It would be nice if the "Head Leaders" of this site would listen to us sparkers about change. But it does seem a useless way of using up energy. Oh well, as you put it, it is a free site and has given me so much in return. Lead on Sparker, you are wonderful! Huggers!
    2005 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    Yes the streaks are a motivational tool that is satisfying and motivating. Although, flawed, it is still nice to get recognition from time to time. I have my own streaks going. My exercise streak is off, because of missing one day, and I didn't know you could go back and add it and fix it. But I know what I have done, and I know that I couldn't have done it without the dedicated folks at SP that provide more than they could ever imagine for folks like me! Good job Steve, and keep on Sparkin'!
    2005 days ago
    Congratulations anyway!! for all your accomplishments since joining SparkPeople. This site has a few "idiosyncrasies" that I tolerate because the benefits far outweigh them. It's a great site, with outstanding features and fantastic people . . like you.
    Keep the Spark Alive!!!
    2005 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12068097
    No relationship is perfect we all know that. I am not a computer expert like you and others are. There a few changes that have been made that I wish they had not made lately but ..... I am NOT ready to break up with SP .. no way. I am just so grateful to have found this site and to have met and learned to really, really care about people here, such as yourself, who give so much of their knowledge to help everyone. I don't know where else I can find that ... not even my "in person people "that I see in my life can I glean the information from that you and others offer here. Thank you once again Steve for being a teacher here ...
    2005 days ago
  • CRETE2953
    You said, "So I will just say that I am successful because SP showed me how to be successful. I have now maintained my weight loss goal for nearly 7 months (just one more week to go). I feel amazing, look amazing, and am amazing, because I have learned the Spark way.

    That's all that needs to be said. KISS

    I've messed up on my logging before too and that's just it. I mess up, I deal with it in my own mind and go on with my progress. As you said earlier, IT'S FREE and I am just very thankful it's available. Not to my goal yet and I admire you for being at yours but weighed 295.3 today and that means I'm DOWN 55 unwanted POUNDS from where I started. 55 pounds that, had it not been for SP, I probably would have still been carrying around and at my age maybe would have carried it, or my sons and friends would be carrying it, to my early grave. That reason alone is enough for me to be grateful..................... I don't think I know anybody who could carry that much weight.
    2005 days ago
    Hey, congratulations on the 300 days of drinking water!!! Even if it's off, it's MAGNIFICENT!!!

    Steve, you have not only lost the weight, you have committed to it for the long haul, and you're still here writing your awesome blogs and encouraging all your devoted followers.

    You have a whole lot to be proud of. I'm proud to be your friend!

    Have a magnificent weekend.

    Spark on.
    2006 days ago
    Yep, I lost a streak when my IPad went down and I lost perfect attendance once because...I forgot my spin on the wheel...but I knew the truth and had to let it go and move on...that's the way it goes! I appreciate Spark so much...and am grateful for all I have learned here and what it adds to my life!
    Have a grand week end, Steve!
    2006 days ago
  • FITNIK2020
    Of course you are to be congratulated despite the weird inflexibility of the site. My cell connection was out a few days and poof... Streak all gone.,who cares. You did it, so did I, and we learned what we could here but even more from each other. So bravo !!'
    2006 days ago
    be joyful in everything and continually give thanks! Keep up the great work!
    2006 days ago
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